Luna Foreo - New Electronic Facial Tool That's Works!

Hi Bellas,

Recently, a new electronic facial tool has hit the market that is giving Clarisonic a run for its money.  I received the Foreo Luna to review and it's been several weeks so I'm ready to give you my completely honest opinion.

There are other styles to choose from.  I received the Foreo Luna but there are other styles to choose from.  From the Luxe, Mini and Men's line, there are also a variety of fun colors to pick from.
Here's What the Product Claims:

Promises all-round cleaner, fresher, more radiant skin
Deeper, gentler cleansing for a healthy-looking glow
Skin looks and feels firmer for a more youthful appearance
Improves the absorption of your favorite skincare products
Price:  $199

Before I began testing out the product, I made sure to download the online manual because I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing!  I recommend doing that so you're clear on how to use the device properly and to get the best results.  

Onto the device itself!  One side has silicon touch points to cleanse the skin.  It's recommended that you apply cleanser to your face, then wet the Foreo.  The device has a timed setting so that you spent about 12 seconds on each part of your face - chin/nose, each cheek and forehead.  You'll know it's time to switch sections when the device vibrates.  Sometimes I'll miss the vibration notficiation but it gives you extra cycles in case you miss it...I'll use the extra cycle to cleanse my neck area or spend time on places that I need it.  

The other side has halo like ridges which is used to massage your face.  I'm usually rushing in the morning, but when I have time to spend on a little pampering I'll apply my serums and face oils and then use this side to massage it in.  This allows for deeper penetration and also because it feels great!

The shape of the device fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and you can use it on flat areas of your face and it also fits into tough contours like around the nose.

The device comes with a charger and seriously, it lasts forever on one charge.  I used it for several weeks without recharging so it is really energy efficient.  Did I mention that you can adjust the intensity of the pulsations?  I had it on a high setting and it still lasted a long time.

I love the small size.  It doesn't take a lot of room on my counter and it stands upright because of the flat base.  You can also easily bring this with you on travel.

I love that you don't have to switch out brush heads.  The waterproof, silicon pad doesn't need to switched out like the Clarisonic Brush Head.  I will say that I use it generally once a day to cleanse but you can use it twice a day - in the morning and evening.  

To be completely honest, I do still think the Clarisonic is great at deep cleaning...and the fact that you can add the product straight to the brush head is nice.  I like how you can see the dirt residue on the Clarisonic brush so you can tell it's working.  You can't really see that with the Luna.  However, I found that with the Clarisonic I ended up using it only once in a while for a deep clean/exfoliation because it was too harsh even with the sensitive brush head.  To prove this, I used the Clarisonic once after I'd been using the Luna and boy did it hurt!  

In the end, I would recommend the Luna over the Clarisonic. They're in the similar price category at $199 and the mini version is $139.  It does a great job of cleaning the skin but it feels gentle at the same time.  You don't have to repurchase brush heads and you get a massaging side to boot.  I like the size and it's definitely become a fixture in my skincare routine.

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