Halloween Makeup - Maleficent Evil Queen Tutorial

Hi Bellas,

It’s time for my second Halloween tutorial!  First I had something cute and bright via Marge Simpson and today I wanted to go glam and dark via the Disney Evil Queen Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.  This look has been done a few times on YouTube but I wanted to give my take on the look.  Also, next year the Maleficent movie is coming out starring Angelina Jolie so I thought it’d be great to bring back this character.  Enjoy!
Check out the video!

For the eyes, I was totally inspired by this triangular cut crease look I found online from kikimakeup.tumblr.com.  Gorgeous right?  I simplified it a bit and threw on some glitter.
The skin had to be green but I wanted to add some dimension so I highlighted with a light cream makeup and contoured with purple and the colors really blended together nicely.  All of the cream makeup was from my Graftobian Theatrical wheels – everything from the skin, to the liner to the lips came from these palettes.  I set everything with a loose translucent powder to help blend everything together.  It got a little tough to blend out the face makeup at some points since I used colored gel liner (i.e. the purple contour) whereas I would use all cream makeup next time.
I used a lot of shadows from my Sedona Lace 120 Palette to get the colors I needed for this bright look such as the bright greens and purples.  I also used Graftobian Glitter on the eyes.
The only costume piece I purchased was this Maleficent hat from Amazon.  You could totally rock this look with a little black dress to make it a Sexy Maleficent look.
Lastly, I think popping in the red contacts really enhanced the evil look.  I got mine from www.pinkyparadise.com

I hope you guys enjoyed!

FTC Disclosure:  Some of the makeup was generously sponsored by Graftobian to help me bust out some Haloween Makeup tutorials this year.  However, I am not being paid to make this post and not affiliated with the company.