Customizable Makeup Palettes from Alcone at Home!

Hi Bellas,

Happy Tuesday!  I'm back with another post talking about the amazingness of Alcone at Home.  Today it's all about palettes!  I am personally obsessed with putting all of my makeup in palettes - it keeps you so much more organized, you see everything and actually use it!  Today I've got all sort of pretty palettes combos for you to check out and fill with the amazing pro Alcone at Home products.  Check it out!

Onto the palettes!  Look at all the pretty shapes and designs.  Alcone at Home has 3 convenient sizes of magnetic palettes:  Travel, Everything, and Large.  You can choose from designs including Blue Medallion, Chevron, Houndstooth, Glossy White, Green Medallion, Crocodile or Sisal.

The Travel Palettes are so clutch/purse friendly and retail for just $12.  They are about the size of a cell phone and you can fit up to 3 small pan products in it.  It also includes a convenient mirror and a dual use brush that you can use to apply lipstick, concealer or even eyeshadow!  
As you can see, the makeup pans have steel bottoms that stick to the magnetic palettes.
MUAs - What a cute gift idea for a bride so that she can touch up her makeup with the colors you used on her?
The Everything Palettes are a nice square size so you can fit some of the larger face products in it.  I think this is a great travel size palette.  Throw it in your makeup bag for quick access to your touch-up items.   I made this palette for my day to night makeup tutorial.  It contains my concealer, lip color, translucent touch up powder and 3 eyeshadows-everything I need to take my look from day to night.
You can create your Custom Everything Palette for just $64!  This includes the palette in any print, as well as whatever you can fit in it - whether it be 9 small pans, 1 large pan and 5 small pans, or 2 large pans and 3 small pans.  
The Everything Palettes also  have this really cool Palette Organizer which is genius!  No more using school supply solutions or dvd racks to hold your palettes lol.  This is also super vanity friendly because it just looks pretty sitting on your counter!
The large palettes fit everything you need - great for a complete look for the everyday woman or for MUAs who want to keep their items nice and organized.  In this palette I show that you can fix 6 full sized foundations and 2 concealers.  There's also space on the right to place some brushes!  The Alcone at Home brushes have a steel ferrule that sticks to the palette.
You can also purchase a Custom Large Palette for just $164 (save $58!)  This includes the large palette in any design and whatever you can fit in it - 2 large pans and 12 small pans, 3 large pans and 8 small pans, or 4 large pans and 6 small pans.

Final Thoughts
I think the thing that sets Alcone at Home products and palettes apart from others is that you finally get pro products in pan form that you don't have to depot!  I've never seen RCMA or Dermacolor concealers in pan form (foundations/concealers in general are difficult to find in pan form) before so this is amazing.  It's also not as common to find lipsticks in pan form - and believe me, the process of doing it yourself can get messy and time consuming.  The palettes themselves have gorgeous designs and even organizers that coordinate to help store them.  I definitely suggest trying them out.

You gotta check out my partner in crime Casey here to see how she customized her Alcone at Home palettes!

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FTC Disclosure:  I am affiliated with this company.  I host and pay for my own web store to house these products and receive a portion of the sales.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.