Hands-Free Palette! Da Blot Mini Cosmetic Palette Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review!  Today i'm reviewing a really cool invention by a fellow MUA - a hands free palette!  I'm big on making our jobs as MUAs a bit easier and this little gadget definitely does the trick.  Check it out!

The Da Blot Mini Cosmetic Palette was created for quick touch-ups.  It wraps around your fingers and rests on the back of the hand so that you can have a hands-free palette - great so that you can actually use your hands for makeup as opposed to for holding random containers.  You can use it on your left or right hand.  

You can scoop any products onto here.  Typically I'll put my skincare creams, foundations and lip products. 
No longer do you need to worry about makeup smears on your hand...the steel palette is much more sanitary and wipes clean.  I just use a baby wipe and i'm good to go!
The velcro strap is durable and adjustable so it will fit any size.  In the past, I've had hand/finger palettes which are made of steel or plastic which weren't as comfortable and you couldn't get a custom fit.  This is actually very comfortable...the strap is smooth and doesn't rub.
Having palettes in my kit is a must-have.  I need to scoop out, mix and match product in a sanitary way.  I don't always have tons of counter space to lay my palette down and this product solves that problem.  I also love using it during demos or makeup classes because I can actually talk with my hands.  Did I mention it's on sale for $14.99 at www.dablot.com?  Overall I recommend this to my fellow MUAs out there who are looking to more effectively step up their makeup application.