RevivaLabs Skincare Review and Giveaway!

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You all know I'm obsessed with skincare, after all good makeup starts with good skin.  Today i'm re-introducing you to a brand I reviewed several years ago - RevivaLabs.  I'm back with a huge skincare review and giveaway. Check it out!


Reviva Labs
For those of you who don't know, RevivaLabs is a skincare institution that has been around for 40 years.  They have an extensive line of products for every skin type and condition.  I've used their products in the past and was excited to get the opportunity to try some new items in their line.  Interestingly enough, I  recently got a facial at my local spa and mentioned that I was using RevivaLabs and I even got a thumbs up from my skincare professional. Check out my review!

This product is like a magic wand.  I totally get why it's so popular.  The vitamin in stick form literally melts onto your skin. You can use it anywhere.  I like to apply it onto dry spots around my eyes and even on my lips for extra moisture, almost like a touch up product.  It's so handy to carry on the go especially since it's in a lipstick tube form.   Better yet, it has SPF in it and is only $4.  I really love this little guy.  It's a bit far off, but this would make a great stocking stuffer. 
Vitamin E Oil Stick w/ SPF #15
I used this Swiss Apple Stem Cell based serum to the last drop.  It instantly absorbs into the skin leaving you moisturized but not greasy.  It's great for the summer because it's more lightweight and feels great alone or with makeup.  Use it before moisturizer in the day or night to help boost your skincare - it's especially beneficial for anti-aging, retexturing and for those with dry skin like me.  I can't live without serums, and this is a great one to try out.  
Stem Cell Booster Serum 1oz

I was a bad girl and got a little too much sun this summer.  I even saw a few brown sun spots pop up.  Fortunately I have this serum.  I use it before moisturizer to even out my complexion and also for moisturizing properties.  You can literally dot it on brown spots to target the areas you want to help.  With just a dab, this liquidy product will last forever.  You do get a lot of product for the price.  
Lighten & Brighten Dark Spot Serum 1oz
Use a teeny drop of this serum underneath the eyes to help decrease bags and dark circles.  It's a very liquidy/gel consistency so a little goes a long way.  I didn't notice a huge difference but I don't have horribly dark undereye circles.  Like any product you also need to use it with consistency to see results.  I did notice that it adds hydration and I think it's nice as a base for concealer.
Under Eye Dark Circle Serum 1oz
Wow, this stuff really works!  It even made last month's favorites.  The tiny magnesium oxide and pomegranate crystals really clear out your skin.  This gentle scrub even great for sensitive skin.  If you have clogged pores and blackheads this works wonders.  I've tried so many items to help fix the clogged pores on my nose - from biore strips to my clarisonic and this out performs them.  This is the best scrub that i've used in a long time.  Love it!  
Microdermabrasion Pomegranate Scrub 2 oz

I find that this is one of those simple, easy moisturizers that you can just pop on and go that will probably work for everyone.  It comes with a SPF of 25 which is great!  It is lightweight, and non-greasy, great for summer.  It's light enough to wear under makeup or alone. I find that it'd be best for normal to oily skin.  As a dry skin girl, I just added a few drops of skin oil to make it more nourishing.
Sun Protective Moisturizer SPF #25 1.5 oz
I was really impressed with the value for this huge bottle of refreshing/setting spray.  I do find that a few spritzes leaves your skin moisturized with its aloe and herbal extracts.  I'm not a fan of the scent, but really I think it works great and that's just personal preference.  Pop it in the fridge to add a cooling effect for summer.  They also have a rosewater option which I'd love to try more for the scent preference.  Again you get a huge value for your money, only $9 for 8 oz.
Linden Facial Spray (plastic pump bottle) 8 oz
This is more of a larger grain scrub with a creamy base.  I like keeping it in my shower for a quick exfoliation.  The honey is super moisturizing and beneficial for the skin while the kaolin and bentonite helps draw out impurities.  Don't scrub too hard because the larger chunks may irritate your skin (I made this mistake).  This is a great value for only $8.
Honey & Almond Scrub 2oz "New Formula"
This is another one of my long-time favorites.  I apply the product at night when my skin needs a pick-me up.  You wake up with new, baby soft skin.  You might feel a tiny stinging sensation in the beginning while your skin gets used to the product so start out with a lighter regimen - they also have a 5% option available.  This is one of those skin-care items with immediate gratification - you see the results instantly which I love.
10% Glycolic Acid Night Cream 1.5 oz

Overall, this was a solid line up of products to review with some definite stars in the bunch.  My favorites include the Microdermabrasian Scrub, the Glycolic Acid Cream and Vitamin E stick.  Honestly, there are there are tons of products for everyone on the line and you're bound to find some of your own personal favorites.  They even have skincare for expecting mothers.  I'm truly impressed with the comprehensive nature of the line.  The products are high quality and affordably priced.

RevivaLabs has generously agreed to give away a set of my favorite items including the Microdermabrasian Scrube, The Glycolic Acid Cream and the Vitamin E Stick.  Here's how to win!
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