Friday, July 6, 2012

New Hair - Brunette with Red Streaks!

Hi Bellas,

Guess what?  I changed my hair againnnn lol.  I've been trying to do red for a while and I think i'm keeping it this time!  I also copped off a couple of inches so my hair is much more comfortable for the summer.  Check it out!
Check out the video!

As you can see, I went for a dark brown base like I usually do, but his time, they lightened up a few pieces with a partial highlight and toned it red.  I've got to get used to the bright red on top but I'm liking the change. 

With new hair also comes new brows!  Let me know if you guys have any recommendations for reddish brown brow colors. 
Another good thing about darker hair is less touch-ups!  My roots are darker so I can go longer between salon visits.  Whenever I go dark I love how my hair feels richer and not as damaged looking.  I also loved how my stylist curled my hair.  I think i'll try to replicate it.

By the way, I get my hair done at Toni and Guy Salon - it's a national chain.  Hope you enjoyed!

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Shades Professional Makeup said...

This hair/look is GORGEOUS on you! As for the brows, I would say dark brown seeing that your hair is predominantly brown. I wouldn't encourage to match your brows to the red in your hair.

But overall, it's a good look on you!

MakeupByRenRen said...

thx for the feedback, i definitely don't plan on doing red red in my brows, just more of a warm brown with red tones like MAC embark shadow or something similar...I feel that cool tone dark browns look a little flat

funkymacgirl said...

i love the hair color also i love the color of your brows the way they are!!

Beauty Butterfly said...

Your hair looks absolutely fabulous!!! Love it : )