Sally Beauty Haul!

Hi Bellas,
Happy Monday!  I wanted to start off the week with a quick haul.  I picked up some random items from Sally Beauty a while ago, many of them on clearance.  I thought i'd share in case anything tickled your fancy.

First off, I got some nail wheels.  Many bloggers use these for nail polish swatches or to practice nail art designs.
These lashes were on sale because the lash on the right is missing some rhinestones.  I have some stick on jewels from Michaels and it was a cinch to repair these.  I will most likely stack this on another pair of lashes for more volume.
Speaking of lashes, I decided to try a new style of the Ardell Double Up.  I have mixed feelings about these lashes, some of the other styles looked wonky on me but i'll give this style a try.
This is actually a travel sized version of heat protectant. I thought this would be great for vacays when I usually pack a curling iron.
This is a hair color mixing bowl.  I've dyed my extensions in the past and this would have come in really handy.  I'm thiking of buying some more red tint for when my red highlights fade and plan on using this to keep everything nice and tidy.
I'm in the process of testing an at home gel manicure kit.  I picked up some gel nail mini colors from gelish to build my collection.  I like both of them so far and they work great with my Lomasi gel kit even though it's a different brand.
This is an old friend of mine - it's a yellow concealer that looks absolutely fabulous as a undereye highlight.  The yellow color gives that pop.  It reminds of my YSL touche eclat in #2 but it's a little harder to work with - you've got tot blend it out quickly or it will dry unevenly.  But hey, the price is worth it!
I picked up a teasing comb just to throw in my travel bag.  I tend to use one when I put in clip-in extensions.  I find that buying doubles of favorite beauty products for travel saves a lot of time and hassle in the long-run.
This brush is for applying hair color.  I plan on using it with the mixing bowl and it makes color application much neater.
I picked up this round brush for blow-outs.  However, I find like many brushes it catches my hair too firmly and it's hard to do a roll and dry motion.  I think I'll have to repurchase my favorite Chi round brush - again I bought this to throw in my travel bag.
Lastly, I picked up a new curling iron.  I wanted a bigger size because with longer thicker hair it takes a while to curl everything.  This larger barrel gives a nice, large curl and is so much quicker to use.
That's my haul!  Hope you all enjoyed.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  All Products purchased by me.

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