My Must Have Hair Products!

Hi Bellas,

Happy Monday!  I'm back with a post on my must-have hair products. I thought it'd be fun to share some of my Holy Grail hair items that I can't live without.  I actually walk you through my regimen which involves some necessary steps to maintain my color-treated hair.  I give you a lot of affordable product recommendations as well, Enjoy!

Shampoo & Conditioner
Honestly, I switch between shampoos...I'm not totally sold on one type.  I know it's good to do paraben and sulfate free but I tend to have a dry scalp and I just use what works.  In terms of conditioning though, i'm pretty picky.  I prefer deep conditioning conditioners in the jar like L'Oreal Nature's Therapy.  They really work to hydrate my color-treated hair.  I get this conditioner at beauty supply stors or online since it's a pro product.
After Washing Treatments
After washing my hair, I make sure to treat it to maintain the moisture and smooth texture.  I use a split-end mender that also acts as a de-tangler.  Next, I apply a hair serum...some of my favorites include Biosilk and Chi Silk Infusion.  This keeps your hair super duper soft.
No-Shampoo Maintenance
I only try to wash my hair 2-3 times a week in order to preserve my hair color.  In between I'll use dry shampoo and a hair spritz refresher.  Tresemme has a great affordable line for this.
Hair Brushes
In terms of hair brushes, I need 3 in my collection - a round brush for blow-outs (chi), a paddle brush for detangling, and a teasing comb while I'll use for giving me volume or for when I put in clip in extensions.  Sometimes I'll also use a rat tail comb to get precise hair parting.  Speaking of clip-ins, I definitely recommend that everyone have a pack for an easy way to give length, volume, and added drama.
Heat Protectant
To prep my hair for heat styling, I use a heat protectant.  I love Tresemme Heat Protectant because it's cheap, you get a lot of product, and it smells nice.
Hot Tools
In terms of styling tools, I swear by my Sedu hair dryer from  A quality hair dryer lasts forever and your hair dries in 1/2 the time.  I don't usually straighten my hair, I prefer curling it.  I use a variety of curling irons including clipless ones and traditional ones with the clip (Babyliss) and i'm also a big fan of  Hot Rollers - just put them in while you're doing makeup and you're good to go!
Setting the Styles
To set my hair, I use hair spray.  I love Elnett because it doesn't flake up and your hair holds but is moveable - this is key for me since most of styles involve loose curls.  I actually prefer the one without a scent because the original is a bit perfumey.  I'll also have a regular super hold hairspray for when I need my hair to really stick in place - any brand will do.  I sometimes will also use a finishing cream to smooth fly-aways.
Hair Accessories
In terms of hair accessories, I must at all times have a hair elastic on my wrist - I prefer the ones without a metal band.   A pony-tail is a must-have for me to get my hair out of my face.  I don't do too many hair accessories except maybe some bobby pins to do a pompadour or a claw clip to put my hair half up and half down.  Usually I'll do a  style where my hair is down and curled.
Hope this helped you guys, feel free leave your favorite hair products in the comments below!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored.