FOTD: Subtle Greens using Sigma Flare Palette

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another colorful look!  With it being summer, I thought I'd get my fun in while I can.  Today's look features greens - haven't worn this color in a while!  It was actually super simple to do and I just used one palette, the Sigma Flare Palette.  Check it out!

I used mainly the left side of the Sigma Flare palette.  It has the greens and highlight shade I need to create the look.  You can find this palette at Sigma Beauty, retailing for $35.  It's great to have
Here's what I came up with!

Hope you enjoyed!  For another tutorial using this palette, check out my daytime bright summer eyes tutorial that I did about this same time last year.  Check me out with blonde hair! lol

Tonight I have my last final presentation of the school semester and then i'm done, thank goodness!  It was a rough semester.  I have a week to pack and try to film a bunch of videos then i'm off to Europe for 2 weeks, can't wait!  Wish me luck on my presentation!