Thursday, July 19, 2012

European Makeup Suggestions?

Hi Guys,

As you may have heard, i'm taking a vacation to Europe in about two weeks, yay!  Being the beauty junkie I am, i've been doing my research on makeup brands that I can only buy in Europe.  I need your help!  Check out my current findings and let me know what brands/products you recommend and I'll make sure to do a haul video when I get back!

Beginning August 4th I will take a 2 week blog hiatus.  I have a long-awaited vacation planned with the BF to Europe.  Here are the places I'm visiting and some of the items I plan to pick up:



Barry M
Sleek Cosmetics


Clearly I need some help!  Let me know what you  guys recommend in the comments below, thanks guys!

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Shades Professional Makeup said...

Hi Ren,

The bf and I will also be taking a trip to the UK (England and Ireland)....he's actually from Ireland so we're gonna visit the fam. I'll be in England for 2 weeks then meeting him in Ireland for 1 week so that's 3 weeks and I can't wait!!

I have been to England several times so I'm familiar with some of their brands (they're also in other European countries).

You mentioned Barry M which is great actually. You should try Gosh (pigments and dazzle dusts-AWESOME!), MUA Cosmetics (single shadows, lip/eye pencils, shadow & face primer--I have swatches of MUA products on my blog). Be sure to stop at Boots or Superdrug pharmacies. That's where you'll find um all.

Enjoy your vacay and be safe!

Fabulous World of Sara said...

Awesome ur coming to Germany then =) You should look out for brands such as Artdeco, Essence, P2, Catrice and Kryolan... the drugstore brands (essence, p2, catrice) are available at a store called DM...if you're interested in department store brands go to Douglas or to Kadewe
Enjoy ur trip =)

s said...

The pharmacies in Paris are awesome (that's where you'll be buying bioderma). Prices can vary from store to store...I love the discount ones. Try the Collyre Bleu eye drops (they're kinda like the roto ones) you can't get them in the US! There is also this lip/multi use balm that comes in a squeeze(?) tube that I cannot think of the name right now. Bon journee!

Check out the Paris Berlin store while you are there as well!

Spicynchic said...

Just today I published an article about beautyshopping in Amsterdam, so maybe this will be helpful for you. Although the post is written in German, I have a translate button on the right side of the page and most of the blog post content are addresses, so this shouldn't be a problem at all.

Hope it helps! Enjoy your trip!

MakeupByRenRen said...

great feedback, thanks guys!

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said...

Lucky I wish I can visit Europe :(

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I appreciate your feedbacks : )

Scotlass99 said...

Hope you enjoy your trip! In Paris/Verlin you should look out for Essence and Catrice they have some really nice inexpensive products! Also in Germany they have a pro brand called Beauty is Life, not sure how readily available it is but they have some AMAZING products! In the UK we have Sleek, MUA, Barry M, Models Own..there are actually lots of good things to be found! Enjoy!! :)

Christiane SANTAMARIA said...

Hello from Paris,
I think I can really help you

PARIS-BERLIN 56 bd Lenoir - 75011 Paris

Maqpro Store: 2 Ter rue Alasseur 75015 Paris - Métro: la Motte-Picquet Grenelle

Makeup atelier Paris Probably the best eye shadows out there,I just tried also a beautiful Gel Foundation medium- full coverage...I love the quality of their products.
That one I need to ask to my friend (a makeup artist student there) how she get the products.

see ya bye

Makeup by Hend said...

In France, you can find Bourjois. Their baked eyeshadows are to die for. BlackUP Cosmetics, just knew about them a minute or two ago. It's a makeup brand for women of color.

Ameeta said...

Collection 2000, kiko cosmetics, models own, and illamasqua! Oh and go to boots too! :)

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

Oooh that colour is absolutely gorgeous, love it!