Misikko Flat Iron Review & Giveaway

Hi Bellas,

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Hana Professional Flat Iron 1" set from www.Misikko.com.  The company name may slund familiar. They were a huge retailer of hair tools and recently went back to their roots as a family owned company.  This site offers a huge range of professional flat irons and other hair care products.
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My Thoughts:

I opened up the package and was pleasantly surprised to see all that came with it.  I had never heard of Hana before, but didn't discriminate against the brand.  I like how the flat iron came in an actual tin case with a lid.  That way you can store it instead of tossing the cardboard box packaging of most flat irons.  The flat iron itself is a bright shade of pink - loves!  It also comes in black too.
You get a good sized bottle of heat protectant as well as a rubber mat and storage case.  I was super excited about the mat because I've ruined several surfaces with my  hot hair tools.  I had a mat back in the day but it wasn't rubber and it folded up on the ends.  This one is solid and stays flat.

I've used the iron several times and have been surprisingly impressed.  It heats up within 10 seconds and for the first time, I was able to really easily curl my hair with this iron.  I've tested out several flat irons before and that's never been the case.  The heat protectant is a nice addition but be careful because it can get a little greasy.

One thing that I am so appreciative of is that the on and off switch and temperate gauge is located in between the iron plates.  That way, your fingers never accidentally turn off the iron.  That happens to me with a lot of tools and it's frustrating when you lose time having to recurl certain sections because you didn't realize the flat iron was off.  Mind you, this flat iron also does an amazing job of straightening hair.

Here are some pictures from where I used the flat iron on my hair:

-heats up really fast
-on and off switch on the inside of the flat iron so your fingers don't click it off
-beveled edges make it really easy to curl
-flat iron makes hair shiny
-love how it comes with the rubber heat resistant mat and storage pouch
-safe for damp hair
-size is good for all hair lengths depending on what you want to use the iron for

-be careful because the outer edge of the top of the flat iron can get a little hot
-the hair serum can get a little on the greasy side if you add too much...avoid your roots
-if this came with a retractable cord it would have been perfect!

In sum, the selling point for me what that this is the only flat iron i've had where i've been able to easily curl my hair.  It's really good!  I'd definitely recommend!

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FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review. I am not affiliated with the company and not paid. These are my honest thoughts.

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