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Hi Bellas,

Today's post is a little different.  As you know, I'll give you a review on cosmetics or skin care any day...but today i'll be reviewing another favorite of mine - purses!  I've noticed a lot of other YouTubers getting into fashion haul videos as well.  You might not know this about me, but I love to shop especially if I can find a deal!  If you follow me on twitter, i'm always posting about my shopping finds.

Today, I wanted to show you a new company that sells super cute stuff...from purses, to jewelry, to accessories.  After browsing the site, it seems that the store is geared to those who like trendy, fashionable items with an edge.  I'll reviewing one of the purses from them today.

Cute Sexy Things sent me one of their clutches to review.  I was excited because I'm a huge fan of clutches.  I like to keep a variety of colors in my collection to color match them to outfits for a night out.  If you look at the site, there are a bunch of different styles of purses to choose from with new items being added on a regular basis.

The clutch I received is ivory with gold circular studs and lots of zippers!  It's called the Wink and retails for $30.  Check out my pics below:

Check out my thoughts on the purse:

-Leather-like material feels soft yet durable
-A lot of zippers and compartments for storage
-Comes with a convenient removeable clutch handle/strap which makes it easier to carry
-Nice white/ivory color
-Cute inner lining with the white and blue striped fabric

-A little big for a clutch...can be a little bulky to hold if you don't use the strap
-I would've preferred something without the gold round studs...maybe if they were more like regular diamond cut studs because I think it would have made the look a bit more sleek...but this is just my personal style preference
-I can see the inner lining getting soiled easily since it's cotton

Unfortunately this item is now sold out on the website, gotta get them before they sell out!  Check out some of the other super cute items from the site that caught my eye:  

I like how they offer different items that not every store carries.  The owner even hand makes some of her more popular jewelry pieces.  Every week new items are added to the site.

I plan on showcasing more products from them as well as hosting a giveaway.  Stay tuned!

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