Sky Diving Makeup Featuring Tarte Cosmetics

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Today's makeup tutorial is a little different.  I'm doing a makeup tutorial for skydiving!  This really applies to natural looking, durable makeup for extreme sports and events.  It may sound a little strange to wear makeup while doing sports...but on certain occasions it's okay to wear certain products that will not clog your pores and will actually help protect your skin from the elements.  In this case, the products I use will help protect my skin from the extreme wind and sun from sky diving!  Today's video features Tarte Cosmetics...a super popular brand which you can find at  The products are sulfate and paraben free and work really well to boot.

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Check out my skydiving makeup tutorial!

The final look!

Here's What I Used (All Tarte Cosmetics unless otherwise mentioned):

-Clean slate primer
-Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 14 aka disguise
-Dark Circle Defense Natural Undereye corrector in Medium/Deep
-Provacateur Pressed Mineral Powder in Tan
-Cheek Stain in Tipsy
-MAC Blush in Fun & Games

-EmphasEyes for Brows in Medium Brown
-Benefit Shelaq on brows
-Rimmel Twist Automatic Dual Liner & Shadow - Bronze Color
-MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
-Costco Kirkland Brand eyelash curler
-Mutipleye Lash Primer and Mascara


-40 Winks Lipgloss

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For those without video viewing capability, I also provided a detailed written review on all these products.

Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer in Agent 14 $36

I recommend a tinted moisturizer for every person that is on the go and needs a quick pick me up.  This is one of the best tinted moisturizers I've ever tried.  It glides on really smooth, is super moisturizing and has a nice amount of coverage for a tinted moisturizer.  It has a huge color selection and the product also contains SPF20 to boot.  I don't usually wear makeup to work, but for the last several weeks I've been using this and notice a huge difference.  My skin looks healthy and even.  I would purchase this again and definitely recommend.

Provacateur Pressed Mineral Powder with SPF8 in Tan $30
This packaging is super cute and is even recyclable!  I love the bright blue/purple and quilted top.  It comes with a convenient mirror and the bottom also contains a compartment with a round sponge.  I found the perfect color for me.  It goes on really smooth and doesn't look cakey at all.  Offers a nice smooth complexion. Sulfate and paraben free.  Can be used wet or dry.

Emphaseyes for Brows in Medium Brown $19.50
I've gone through a lot of brow products in my day...and this just might be my favorite brow pencil.  One end is a retractable and the other contains a mini spooley brush which I actually use each time!  The pencil is the perfect shade for my newly lightened brows and the small retractable lead creates realistic hair like strokes.  A lot of pencils say they are waterproof but this one really is!  I wore it to work weeks in a row and it hardly faded, super impressed!  This pencil only comes in two shades but I was still able to find one that matched my brows perfectly.

Dark Circle Defense Natural Undereye Concealer in Medium-Deep $32
I really like the consistency of this undereye corrector...creamy but not too creamy so it doesn't move too much.  This peachy/orange colored corrector really cancels out undereye circles.  It is also clinically proven to reduce puffiness in 4 weeks.  I love the clear top container for easy viewing and it even comes with a convenient concealer brush.

Clean Slate Natural Face Primer $30.00

Pretty standard primer but it's free off all the chemicals and ingredients...perfect for those who are allergic to talc and want to be vegan friendly.  The product felt smooth on the face and kept my normal to dry skin shine free.

Vitamin Infused Lipgloss in 40 Winks $21
This lipgloss contains Borba, which is supposed to condition and rejuvenate and repair lips while adding moisture and color.  I picked the shade 40 Winks which is a great sheer everyday gloss.  It's not sticky at all and is super wearable.

multiplEYE primer $22
Lash primers are a must for people with lashes like mine - short, thin and sparse.  I like how the small head of this primer reaches every lash.  The formula is really nice and coats every lash.  It also dries clear which makes applying mascara on top easier.  I really like this!

multiplEye mascara $24
This mascara is meant to pair with the lash primer.  It's supposed to increase lashes by 638%.  I'm not so sure about that...but it was pretty volumizing.  The product can be a little clumpy so I recommend wiping off the excess and make sure to comb out the clumps. 

Indelible Wink Liquid Liner & Shadow in Chocolate $22
This products is a great idea.  It has liquid liner on one side and a coordinating powder and sponge tip on the other.  The powder end is meant to smooth out any bumps in the liner and make it look more straight and even.  I tried it and it really does helps!  This is a great idea for liquid liner beginners or those of us without an unsteady hand.  Chocolate is a great everyday color.  The liquid liner can apply a bit lumpy and fade over time so make sure to apply a thin layer to set with the coordinating powder.
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Final Thoughts
These are truly high quality cosmetics.  There is a huge product range and the items I tried were for the most part really great.  I can definitely see many of these items keeping a permanent home in my personal makeup kit.  It's readily available online or at sephora and I definitely recommend checking them out.

Check out tomorrow's post to see my live skydiving video and footage!  Here's a sneak peak!

FTC Disclosure:  I was sent these products for review by the company.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this review.  These are my own thoughts and opinions.

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