Indian Bridal Trial - Pink & Purple

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share a look from a recent bridal trial.  I love working with Southeast Asian brides.  They're not afraid of color and drama in their wedding makeup.

To see the look, click here!
My bride came to me with a look already in mind to match her outfit.  She had gone to MAC to get her makeup done, but due to scheduling conflicts could not book the artist.  This is the look that she had done.

I studied the original look and tried to replicate it while adding my own flair.  I sculpted out the eyebrows and added a little more definition to the crease.  I also airbrushed her skin to give her a flawless finish.

And a before and after!

In the end, I didn't end up booking the client but each time I meet with a client it's an experience where I have a chance to learn something new.  Stay tuned for more upcoming bridal trial pics :)

Atlanta Makeup Artist