Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tat...tat...tatted up!

Hi Bellas,

While I'm still settling back into day to day life, I fortunately have a bunch of blog posts I had saved up before I left. All of these are from before I left for vacay. Meanwhile, I'm going to work on getting some of my videos up of various tutorials I did.

Also, yesterday I finally went to MAC for the Style Warrior collection. It was funny because all of the MAC workers were like, OMG I haven't seen you in forever! LOL, I told them it was because I was out of the country. Unfortunately, a lot of the items were sold out :( That's why I like to pick up items the day of the release! Oh well! I actually only spent around $40 because of that, woo hoo! Good for my budget.

I ended up picking up the the following:
Solar Riche bronzer: I just couldn't resist the packaging. The only other bronzer I have from MAC is bronze...which is super old, lol. Also, it's a little bit on the darker side. I skipped out on this bronzer with the Neo Sci Fi collection but I'm glad it came back around...this packaging is much cuter anyways. I like how the bronzer is more subtle on my can actually be used as blush as well.
Brave New Bronze lipstick: I swatched this and wasn't impressed since it looked like an awkward shade of pink on me...but the MAC artist said he loved it so I gave it a try. I love this nude on me! It looks amazing on...perfect for a J-Lo lip.
Liberated lipglass - This is the yellow one. I got it to wear over Brave New Bronze's a beautiful really makes any lipcolor look sheered/nuded out in a beautiful way.
Gold Rebel lipglass -This is the bronzey one/with a touch of coral. I got this because I love the way bronzey/gold lipglasses look on women of color. This is going in my kit.

I really wanted to try the little lustre drops but they sold out :( Oh well, wasn't meant to be!

Back to my post! The weekend before I left for vacation I mentioned I had done an airbrush tattoo gig at a middle school dance. It was quick and easy money...but I was reminded how much I'm glad i'm not in middle school anymore, lol. My line was packed with pre-teens arguing, crying about some drama or another, yikes! My BF was nice enough to tag along so I just let him mediate the kids in line, lol.

Here I am, armed and ready!

My set-up...gotta have business cards at every gig!

Here I am cleaning up a barbed wire tattoo on the BF. He was my first volunteer before the kiddies got there.

Here's his tat.

Here I am filling in a chinese symbol.

A lot of kids got the chinese symbols.

Here's the rose I did on myself using an ink transfer, then coloring it in.

Here's an example of the ink transfer.

This is a different's the airbrush method.

Some airbrush tattoos.

You can use more than one color and fade them into each other...I also added was popular with the girls.

Dragon Tat.

Some kind of sun design...

When you do airbrush you have to clean up the edges with alcohol...from where the spray got under the stencil.

When I took airbrush classes, my teacher schooled me in airbrush face makeup, body makeup and temporary tattoos. Though this isn't my favorite kind of makeup, it's really quick and easy and very profitable for dances, corporate events, etc. It helps me make use of my airbrush machine too!

After the dance I was line was packed from beginning to end of the dance and I even stayed a half hour extra to do some kids waiting. My BF and I went to the Varsity here in ATL to have a bit to eat.

Here I am exhausted, lol.

The end! Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


Rere said...

What kind of airbrush machine do you use?

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Amina said...

great job!
I want one too....
off topic: that burger looks soo delicious

jojoba said...

that's way cool!!! i feel like one already! and welcome back!

Redz2486 said...

that is cool, where do you get your stencils from? Laura

Jasmin said...

Ooohh.. wow, how awesome. love your work!

rockSTARbeauty said...

aww you look so cute in your exhausted pic haha. im so glad you're back! i missed you, even tho we hardly see each other...i missed your blogger & twitter updates for sure. so glad you're back and cant wait to see your pics from the trip!

Eclecticldy said...

welcome back! the blog world just hasn't been the same :) very nice tats..must have been exhausting! can't wait to see your trip pics :)

itsjudytime said...

airbrush tattoo, how awesome!!! Sounds like a great business you've got goin there. I especially liked the butterfly one.

btw, Welcome Back!! You've gotta update us with your trip :)

Natakue said...

welcome back!! can't wait to read about your trip!

the airbrush tattoos look nice, but i don't envy you having to hang out with middle schoolers. could we really have been that annoying when we that age? impossible! =P

i had airbrushed makeup once for a friend's wedding. it was light and lasted all day. i loved it!

Joyce said...

welcome back sis!

Wuschel said...

wow, these airbrush tats look really great.


i like that rose you did. beautiful.

SPECiAL x GiRL said...

that is so cute lol! : ) i like the fading detail into the designs.

Arezu said...

Ooh, you did a good job!

mina said...

Welcome back Ren! I love that rose tattoo. Varsity food is too greasy for me lol but everyone has to go there at least once. Looking forward to seeing your pics.
ps. thank you for the lenses

beautylogicblog said...

You're just like me. You're never too tired to eat! lol, hugs, DE

Wes said...

Woooow those are cool Ren... Those are the best looking fake tatts I've ever seen! Welcome back- I missed you!!! We definitely have to meet up when you're in the big apple!

Kayla said...

yay u r bak...i missed you..i recently came up 2 atl this past weekend and it was crazy in all the mac stores up there...btw if you really want the solar bits they haven't sold out on the mac website yet

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Hope you had a wonderful trip. The airbrush tattoos look like fun!

Trust me I am glad I am not in middle school, those were the awkward points of my life....don't wanna repeat those days.

How's the Varsity? I have been in ATL for 2 years, going on 3 and I have never ate there before, but I always pass it up.

yummy411 said...

awesome! girl you are puckered out in that last pic! great job! and the bf is awesome to help you at your gigs!!

Aziajs said...

Very nice! I love the tattoo with the two inks and the glitter.

Charlene said...

this is so awesome!