Arabic Wedding Day 1

Hi Bellas,

A few weekends ago I provided makeup services for a 3 day Arabic Wedding. It was a great experience...the bridal party was so nice I truly felt like family. I was even invited to the reception!

Day one I traveled to the condo the family was renting to get ready for the first day of festivities. I wasn't sure what look I would be doing until I got there. Once there, it seemed like the general consensus was to go for a smokey burgundy look.

First up, we had the sister. She had graduated from high school with a Cosmetology License so she wasn't afraid of color at all...this is music to my ears! She wanted a really smokey look. It's funny because I would be done and she would say a little more...a little darker...this was a first for me! Most times people want less, not more. But I aim to please! It took a couple of extra layers to achieve the drama she wanted but the end result was amazing. I added a nude lip to help balance out the rest of her face. She has a really funky rock star personality and her family agreed that the makeup totally suited her. You might not be able to tell...but her skin had gotten a crazy reaction to having her entire face threaded for the first time! She had a breakout all over. My trusty Cinema Secrets foundation covered everything though!

Next we had the mother of the bride. Crazy enough, she also had some last minute skin emergencies! They had gotten henna done the day before and when she fell asleep, some of the henna transferred from her hands to her face. She had a henna imprint on her chin. I actually ended up airbrushing her and everything was covered. We also went with a burgundy smokey eye but we made it more subtle to suit the mom's tastes.

Last, but not least, we have the bride! We airbrushed her and her skin looked absolutely flawless in person. She truly looked like a blushing bride.

Again we went for a burgundy smokey eye but we tried to make it soft and romantic. She looked phenomenal! She told me her family said "Wow you don't need foundation your skin looks great!"...she told them "It's the airbrush!" he he.

Stay tuned for posts of day 2 and 3 of the wedding.

Atlanta Makeup Artist