Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Product Review: Anastasia Brow Pen and Brow Duality

Hi Bellas,

Anastasia pretty much has eyebrows down pat. Ever since I've had the chance to review their products I've been sold.

I've tried out some new products by them that I wanted to share with you.

Top to Bottom: Brown Pen and Brow Duality in Shell and Lace and Brow Duality in Camille and Sand.

Brow Pen $21.50
I tried this pen out and I have mixed feelings.

-The concept is really cool. The felt/marker like tip dispenses a good amount of product and makes it easy to do those tiny feather like marks.-No need to sharpen!
-Very quick and easy to use.
-Dries quickly.
-Water based - removable with soap and water.
-This is a brow tint so there is not obvious pencil and powder lines.
-Comes in a universal tint that applies to everyone.
-Gives a very natural looking brow.

-I find that at times the brow pencil doesn't dispense enough brow tint for me. The best way to use it is to use the pen at an angle as if you're applying product on it's side as opposed to by using the point of the tip. It's difficult to use the tip and get a the color to show up.
-I can't get a precise look. I prefer a really clean, tapered brow look with defined top, bottom, and arch. You can see that where I tried to fill in my brows at the top near the inner corner, the brow pen by itself is unable to offer the opacity needed. The brow gel also has a reddish tint that doesn't sit well with me. I didn't achieve the tapered brow look that I desired if I used a traditional eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow/brow filler method.

In sum, I think this is best for girls that prefer a quick and easy natural brow look that doesn't require reshaping of the brow like I do. It could definitely work for girls that are blessed with fuller and nicely arched brows. I for one am not one of these girls so if you're like me you'd need to pair this with brow powder to get a more finished look. I'm old school and will probably stick to my regular brow pencil.

Brow Duality Pencils $23 each
I personally use the eye lights matte pencil nearly every single time I do eyebrows. It's essentially the same trick as using concealer to shape your brows but a lot quicker. The difference is that this comes in a convenient jumbo pencil form. I just draw a line above and below my eyebrow and blend it in with my finger or a brush. Voila, perfect eyebrows!

Swatches Left To Right: Brow Duality in Lace and Shell, Brow Duality in Camille and Sand, and Brow Pen in Universal Shade
-convenient pencil form
-easy to apply
-2 in one! a matte and shimmer side. I would put the matte side above my eyebrows and a shimmer on the brow bone to similate a highlight color.
-You can use these alone as an eyeshadow base, almost similar to MAC shadesticks.

-requires regular sharpening if you are attempting to reshape your brow with this pencil
-they are jumbo pencils so you have to have the right kind of sharpener

Would I repurchase? Definitely! But it won't be for a while because these pencils will last a lost time!

You can find these at Sephora or

Take care of those brows ladies, they make a world of difference!
coming soon.... !


Couture Carrie said...

Oooooh I totally need a new brow pencil; I was using Origins but my hair is darker now so it's time for a change!

Would loooooove to see an eyebrow applique photoshoot, RR! I sometimes use little tiny sparkly stickers just for fun :)


ilurvemakeup said...

Thank you for the review sis :) I had my eye on the pen for awhile now, but I'm going to skip it. I don't like quick brow fixes since my brows are practically naked and need some lurvin' lol.

kKay<3 said...

Thanks for the review! i've been thinking about that product.

BeautyJunkie said...

Thanks for the review..I guess Im just going to stick to my Shiseido one. I dont seems like I dont have any luck with Anastasia products! I tried the brows powder duo..and it turns out shitty for me!!sigh..

Ethereal Prey said...

wow that brow pen looks really harsh! yosh! thanks for the review, i'll just suffer with my iman brow powder for now...hee hee :P

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the review! I love Anastasian brow products and your website is looking great.

Btw, the pic you have with the brushes on the white background there, i have the EXACT same brushes! In fact it looks like my pic too LOL

jeSmakeup said...

how can i shade in mines.... i dont want it too thick.. or too dark n u kno how i have short n thin brows... boo

Askmewhats said...

yay for Urban Pretty! can't wait!! Congrats in advance sis!

I am really intrigued with all those brow pens I am reading about. Hopefully we get Anastasia here and I'll definitely go try! :D

Darcey said...

Checked out the splash page for - and I love it! I work for an interactive design agency, so I look at websites all day, and I can definitely say that this one is very inviting!

Tina Marie Online said...

I want!! I really want that pen marker looking thing. I think it looks really cool. Thanks for the review! I'm about to tell my boyfriend to buy it for me. LOL.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there- a great product and a good review my dear!

Wes said...

The Brow Pencil might be something I need to look into then... Thanks as always girlie