Thursday, November 6, 2008

FOTN: soft smokey eyes

Hi Bellas,

Two weekends ago I went to dinner with my boyfriend and a bunch of his friends who had flown into town for the weekend. I wanted to look hot of course...gotta make sure I represent for my man! I decided to wear makeup that was guy friendly...meaning no bright colors or anything too abstract. In the end, I decided on a soft smokey eye and a nude lip...guys can usually appreciate that kind of thing, lol. I used smoke and diamonds...a shimmery silvery blue color along with carbon. I love the way brown e/s looks when you use it to blend out the typical black smokey adds a bit of softness. In this case, I used glamour check e/s.

I took the pictures nearly 6 hours later. It held up pretty well. I didn't even need to touch up except for my lips.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise stated):

-Laura Mercier Primer
-strobe cream
-MUFE HD foundation #128 mixed with Smashbox Tinted Moisturizer
-true romantic beauty powder blush
-petticoat msf
-elf bronzer

-Anastasis brow pencil and cork e/s for eyebrows
-soft ochre paint pot (base)
-smoke and diamonds e/s (lid)
-glamour check e/s (crease)
-carbon e/s (outer V)
-shroom e/s (highlight)
-Revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-feline kohl power pencil
-Smashbox ionic mascara
-no 8 lashes

-cork lip pencil
-baby sparks dazzleglass

Oh lawd excuse my straggly was about 2am when I took these pics, lol.

I actually filmed a tutorial on this look about a week or so later, so I should have that up in the next week or so. Till then, Ciao bellas!


Bliss said...

I have always wanted to try the Laura Mercier Primer and you look gorgeous with the smokey makeup :D looking so FLY hehehhe, i so gonna try out this look and you look great with curly hair hehhe

Amina said...

you look amazing!!!
Petticoat is flattering on everyone :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

You never disappoint Ren, really pretty look.

Askmewhats said...

really sexy!!! That is too pretty and definitely "guy" friendly :) Love this!

MakeupByRenRen said...

bliss: thanks girl, i like the laura mercier primer, it's very moisturizing and silky

amina: gotta love that petticoat! aren't u glad you got it!

PJD: thanks girl!

askmewhats: lol i know right! sometimes guys just don't get it, lol

mina said...

Cute look Ren!

.cupcake love. said...

i love this look :]
very guy friendly !
too cuute

yummy411 said...

i love this and you know i esp love the inner corners!! guy friendly with a bit of drama!

i'm starting to get into more opaque lip colors (working with photos i guess). have you tried creme d'nude? i keep saying i'm going to go get it (though i know i prob have 100 diff formulations of that same color) lol. i would have liked to see THAT with this too ;)

ren! post idea! (why don't i do it myself?? LOL but of course i'd like to hear it from you) maximizing a photo op!! tips to help create a better photo with makeup(professional and/or personal?) (photog skills is another story!)

one i've learned: using some brightener at the inner corners/under eyes... i soooo wish i had gotten mac's studio lights when they were out! even though concealer can lighten, shadows are a dark enemy!

what powder to use for an airbrushed look? etc... =D what'ya say? what'ya say?? LOL!

Gemma said...

You look gorgeous ren! definitely guy-friendly! one of my boyfriend's friends was making fun of this girl who wears three pairs of false lashes everyday to school, so I always try to keep it natural looking around them lol!

Cherrychan108 said...

i definitely agree with the smokey eye thing and guys,.... my boyf jus freaks out when theres too much colour. and i think guys get a bit intimidated when theres too much colour and brightness.


Mac It Pink said...

oh this is sooo pretty! i wanna see a tutorriiaal pleease? :)
oh ya the guy thing is soo true! Don't want to cause eyestrain for their oh-so delicate eyes. lol
<3 Penelope

ilurvemakeup said...

Gorgeous as always :) Now I want cork for my brows lol

Couture Carrie said...

You look so gorgeous with the smoky eye R2 - so glad I get to use your pic with this look tomorrow!


jeSmakeup said...

this is HOT! you're HOT! thanks so much for the comment =) ur rite.. i can just do some FOTDz.. but im runing out of ideas... it seems like im doing the same thing.. soOo boring... lol n u kno how i have a mole above my eye.. i always wana put my e/s pass it but its so hard... im not use to it n i think itll look weird wit somethin rite there... wutcha think?

Ethereal Prey said...

looking smoking hot!

Tina Marie Online said...

I love it. So pretty! I would definitely wear this look out on a daily basis :)

mandilicious said...

i love it, as always!..can't wait for the tutorial!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

LOVE this look.
Hey ren, I was trying to find the "smoke and diamonds" e/s on the mac website but couldn't find it.
is it some sort of limited edition kind? or from a palette?


Wes said...

I love your eyebrows!

PamCakes said...

You look gorgeous, the shadow colors really compliment your skin tone :)

FANZCY said...

i love that neutral look, let me know when you have it in video! love the page btw..

AAJ83 said...

i am waiting for the video of this GOOOOORGEOUS look!!! :(
plz post it soooon!!! :)
luv ur looks!!!