Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Generations of Women Get a Makeover

Hi Bellas,

Two weekends ago, one of my besties commissioned me to do the makeup for her, her mom and grandma for a wedding they would be attending. I was really excited because I love challenging myself and I want to be able to practice on women of all changes. This was the perfect opportunity to test my skills. My bestie Sai also came by to help with the hair so it would be a complete transformation. This is the best part of doing makeup on other people...seeing their reactions when the final look is done. It just warms my little heart :)

Melissa wanted the smokey purples eyes look from my Makeup Forever Dramatic Smokey Purple eyes tutorial. It was an evening wedding so a little dramatic was okay. I still toned it down a bit to make it wedding appropriate. The purple look went nicely with the pink dress she was wearing. I decided to keep the rest of her face clean and glowing since the eyes were the main feature.

-Laura Mercier Primer
-oil control lotion
-cinema secrets foundation
-graftobian powder
-shadester sculpting powder
-sunbasque blush
-petticoat msf
-model in a bottle spray

-too faced eyeshadow insurance
-bare study paint pot
-idol eyes e/s
-MUFE no. 92 e/s
-black tied e/s
-Revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-smolder eye kohl
-splashproof mascara
-ardell medium individual lashes on the outer ends only

I asked Melissa's Mom what kind of look she wanted and she just told me she wanted something dramatic. I took this and ran with it! I wanted something sexy but still age appropriate. I decided to base the look off of mink and sable eyeshadow...a pretty shimmery olive green color which I hadn't used yet! We went for a green smokey eye and I gave her my favorite lashes to wear...ardell demi wispies. Lashes really do make a huge difference. I was glad she gave me free reign because clients are often scared of falsies in the box, but on they look great!

-laura mercier primer
-cinema secrets foundation
-graftobian powder
-shadester sculpting powder
-graftobian cream blush
-CRC rose colored blush
-petticoat msf
-model in a bottle spray

EYES-embark e/s and spiked brow pencil on eyebrows
-soft ochre paint pot
-idol eyes e/s
-soot e/s
-mink and sable e/s
-shroom e/s
-revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-blacktrack fluid
-splashproof mascara
-ardell demi wispies

-cream o spice lipliner
-fanfare creamsheen lipstick
-viva glam v gloss

Melissa's grandmother is one of the sweetest women I know. She told me I didn't need to spend a lot of time on her but I still wanted her to look gorgeous! I decided to go with plums and pinks and give her a nice rosy finish. I cut a pair of ardell 108 lashes in half and put them on the outer lashes to give her eyes a slight lift. The key with mature skin is to make sure to also keep the skin hydrated and to use creamy based products. In the end, I think she looked so beautiful!

-Laura Mercier Primer
-studio moisture fix
-fast response eye cream
-cinema secrets foundation
-graftobian powder
-graftobian cream blush
-camera ready cosmetics blush

-bare canvas paint
-shroom e/s
-girly e/s
-random pinkish purple e/s
-CRC brown gel liner
-Revlon colorstay pencil in blackbrown
-splashproof mascara
-Ardell 108 lashes, cut in half, put on the outer half of the eye only
-Rimmel professional brow pencil in hazel and cork e/s on eyebrows

-dervish lipliner
-viva glam VI lipglass

Here is a pic Melissa posted on facebook of the final look! Awww love it!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!


Askmewhats said...

you are so talented and definitely growing as a make-up artist! You're good not only to a certain age group but ANY age group! great job Ren Ren!

Vanessa M. said...

the 2nd one looks stunning!

Elisa said...

They look even MORE gorgeous after their makeovers! You are so talented and I'm happy you got to work with different ages. Keep your skills razor sharp! Good job, lady!

Amina said...

oh my god! Ren, i am just bowing at you right now! you did an amazing job! I loove how Petticoat is flattering on all skin tones and very versatile(another sign why i should buy it!).
The grandma looks stunning!!
Great job!!

Dao said...

Mom and Grandma all looked 10 years younger. You did a good job Ren!

Monique said...

You made all these women look even more beautiful. The way you did the grandmother is just marvelous. Love these pics!

Nic Nic said...

you did a wonderful job, its very inspiring to see all this!

t a r a said...

oowhhhh they look so pretty...

xppinkx said...

damn girl

you make a lady LOOOOOK GOOOOD...

i am in love with the ladybug and bee look!!!!...amazing you are...i have recently been inspired by "you" actually to really use makeup for what it is for...bold colors im not afraid...

the grammy looks GREAT...you really gave her even flawless skin...but they are beautiful women to begin with...woman how much do you charge cuz when i get married your doing my whole clan...


yummy411 said...

you worked your ren magic! they look great and yes age appropriate. i would have never thought to put vg 6 lipglass on grandma as it's a bit sparkly but she looks fab. they all do! and it looks so neutral in the final pic =) great job!

jeSmakeup said...

wow women! u did a GREAT job =) aww look at grandma!! sweetttttt

Umm Rijaal said...

Hey, RenRen! they all look so beautiful and pleased and thats what counts. Good job sweety! oh and thanks for the video regarding adesign brushes, i immediately went to the site and found their eye brush set for ONLY $19.95!, seperately worth $80+, so i'm happy! thanks again!

Ethereal Prey said...

wow they look sexy. where did she get that dress from?

Maria Elizabeth said...

aw, you did a great job, they all look so nice!

Elizabeth said...

i love looking at before and after pics. Your so good at what your doing! Do my makeup too please =D

Seymone said...

wonderful job ren..

slvrlips said...

Hey Bella, these ladies look fabulous! Excellent job! My favorite is grandma.

May Nguyen said...

great job! how do u like the laura mercier prier.. i love it but not many are fond of it?

ainstein said...

amazings! u made grammy 10 yrs younger!

a i m e e said...

simply amazing! all 3 ladies look gorgeous! great work RenRen!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-they all look totally gorgeous, very well done indeed!

Sylvie said...

Unbelievable! The mother looks 20 years younger, I swear. I would have thought that she was a woman in her late twenties early thirties! Oh wow.

Mrs. Brookaltimore said...

This truly shows how incredibly talented you are. Great job!

Vanessa said...

awww great job sis they look gorgeous! I am catching up on my sister's posts because i've been a busy bee! I miss you and im glad you are doing well!