I was tagged!

Hi Bellas,

I was recently tagged by my girl May at Changing Faces By May, Anne, and Aubrey to share 6 random facts. So here goes!Here are the Rules:

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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
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1. I am allergic to nearly everything...animals with any kind of fur, multiple fruits, trees, face products. Growing up I had years of allergy shots and still go to the dermatologists regularly for my flare ups. Yall remember my lip allergy right? I’m a hot mess lol. Thank God for modern technology or according to Darwin's theory, i'd be a goner!

2. Even if I’m super full, I always have room for dessert especially chocolate and ice cream! Mint chocolate chip is my fav!

3. I use way too much ketchup…I use it with everything, and in large amounts! From fried eggs, fried chicken, meatloaf, chilli…mmmm ketchup and fries...I’m a ketchup fiend!

4. I am a big time list maker…my friends always make fun of me for this but I like to be super organized, especially when it comes to packing for trips. I Google anything and everything I can find on suggested items for the type of trip and then I type up a detailed list. I’m usually done packing a week before my trip. Just ask ethereal prey, lol, I sent her my cruise packing list.

5. My boyfriend does all my music on my youtube videos. He does an amazing job matching the song to the mood of the makeup look...he's also a freelance music producer so that kinda helps. Sometimes I don't even hear the song till the video is uploaded...so whenever people ask me on my youtube I honestly don't know what it is sometimes...sowwy!

6. I always need to sleep with a comforter…not a sheet or regular blanket; it has to be a comforter. Even in the summer if it’s hot, I’ll crank up the AC so I can sleep with one. I just grew up that way!

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