Product Review: Chi Silk Infusion

Hi Bellas,

I was given this lovely product to try from BeautyChoice.Com. When I first saw it, I thought hmm the typical hair serum. I've tried multiple brands of this kind of product before. Adding a hair serum after shampooing and conditioning is always a part of my hair routine. My hair has been colored for years so without some type of serum, it feels like straw! So I prepared myself to test it out...I was blown away!

This is what Beauty Choice.Com says about it:

CHI Silk Infusion helps strengthen your hair, providing incredible softness, manageability and shine without any build-up. Alcohol free, enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins. Available in 2 0z, 6 oz. and 12 oz. sizes.

Product Features:
Silk Reconstructing Complex no pH
Rich leave in treatment
Enriched with pure silk along with wheat and soy proteins
Alcohol free
Ceramic heat will insure deep penetration of silk proteins
This will help strengthen the hair, providing incredible softness, manageability and shine without any build up

Directions: Apply a small amount into palm of hand and work evenly throughout your hair. Leave in and proceed with styling.

After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I added about a quarter and a half size dollop to my hand, spread it evenly in my palms and smoothed it through my damp hair. As soon as I felt the texture of this serum I knew it would be good. My all time favorite before this was Biosilk, but this is better. The serum doesn't have the sticky or super oily texture of other products. Rather, it feels like a dry type of oil. This is a good thing! Your hair doesn't feel oily afterwards. Instead, I was left with shiny, soft hair that smelled great.

The bottle is a bit small but you only need the size of about a quarter. I used this after I shampooed and conditioned my hair. But you could also use it as a pre-heat treatment for your hair...before you use your curling iron or flat iron. I wash my hair every 2 - 3 days in order to prevent the color from becoming brassy. As a result, this stuff will last me a few months! For 2oz and $8.95, it's definitely worth at least trying out. You can get the 6 oz for about $15, and the 12 oz for $23. As you can see, it's definitely worth getting the largest one. I'm so glad I got to review this product because it's now firmly staying in my hair regimen. As soon as this puppy runs out, I'm getting the 12 oz bottle. I'll have to hide it from my boyfriend though because he tends to steal whatever products I have for conditioning his curls. I already gave up my Giovanni leave in conditioner!

Cons: Could be a little bit cheaper, but this stuff really works. It's actually cheaper than Biosilk serum which I used to purchase.

You can get yours at Free shipping over $50. You can use the following discount codes: renren22: $5.00 Off any order over or renren23: $11.00 off any order over $100.

Would I purchase again? Definitely! This is replacing my good old biosilk.

Happy shopping!

Atlanta Makeup Artist