Politically Pretty FOTD Challenge

Hi Bellas,

I decided to participate in the Political FOTD challenge co-hosted by my girl Yummy411.
With the election amist us, I thought it would be fun to do a makeup look using the good old red, white, and blue. I did it late last night. It started as a star on my eyes and grew into a KISS/phantom of the opera/US flag FOTD. It was fun doing crazy makeup. Next time I do something like this, for Halloween perhaps, I'll spend a little more time to get my lines straight and a little more precise...I was trying to hurry because my boyfriend make chicken wings and they were waiting for me, lol.

So hope you enjoy, and don't forget to exercise your right to vote!

Here's What I Used:
-pur minerals foundation in mineral dark

-rimmel blue pencil
-ben nye blue pencil
-gesso e/s
-mi'lady mineralized duo (red side)
-clarity e/s
-aqua e/s
-deep truth e/s
-white rimmel pencil

-brick lipliner
-brave red creamsheen lipstick

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