Updates and a Before and After

Hi Bellas,

Yay it's Friday! This week went by pretty quick for me. It was a tough one though. Remember I mentioned I had an allergic reaction to some squeezy tube chapstick? Dang after dealing with swelling, bleeding, leaking and itching for a week I finally had to go to the dermatologist yesterday. I got a shot in my hip, some creams, antibiotics and allergy medicines, lol. I already notice the difference! Thanks goodness because this was definitely putting a cramp in my makeup style!

Anything big planned this weekend? I have two shoots this weekend, both on Saturday...not too bed. The rest of the time, I gotta finish putting things in storage (my boyfriend officially checked out of his apartment moved in last week) and clean up the place for tomorrow. A lot of my clients come to my "home studio" to get their makeup done. I find this so much more convenient so I don't have to load all my makeup around. It also helps me keep my place clean, lol.

I completed my MAC Halloween look and the video should be up tonight! Stayed tuned!

You know I couldn't leave you without a makeup pic! Again, I was digging through some old files and found a before shot of one of the models I worked with a few months ago. Everyone loves a before and after! False lashes, concealer and a little contouring makes such a dramatic difference!