Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scandalous Beauty's Billy B Contest

Hi Bellas,

I was doing my regular you tube surfing and came upon Scandalous Beauty's Billy B Contest. The winner is selected by Billy B and Erin and wins a set of Billy's Makeup brushes! These brushes look absolutely fab! We were directed to Billy B's Website to look at his portfolio for inspiration. This man has done makeup for everyone from Beyonce, to Pamela Anderson, to Missy Elliott, to Sharon Stone...everyone you can think of! There are so many drop dead gorgeous looks...very very pretty. However, I wanted to try something out there!

I saw this picture below and it was one of the brightest looks in his port. Talk about edgy makeup!

My inspiration:

I decided to try to recreate the look with products I have at home. It took a couple of tries to get those lashes right! I ended up applying the lashes and then painting a mix of clear duo lash glue and yellow pigment on the tips. The glue helped to separate and spike the lashes as well as keep the pigment from wearing off. The other key thing about this look is to create a Joker type lip by drawing outside your lipline.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-MUFE HD Foundation
-strobe cream
-Trucco cream highlighter

-eyebrow pencil in spiked
-lucky jade shadestick
-lime e/s
-shroom e/s
-humid e/s
-fascinating eye kohl
-smolder eye kohl
-elise lashes on top
-ardell lashes on bottom
-duo lash glue mixed with primary yellow pigment to paint the lash tips

-Black Opal black plum lipliner
-bing matteen
-desire lipglass

My interpretation:

And a quick video showing you how I did the look:

Even if I don't win I had so much fun doing this. It's great to try new things and push past your comfort zone.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!


Starry x2 night said...

Whoa, you really managed to replicate that look, really pretty! Hope you win!

Wes said...

:-O I like yours better!!!! In the words of Ciara "you's a Go Girl"!

Dao said...

Very pretty, you are going to win the contest with this look.

yummy411 said...

i seriously have stopped looking at makeup as an art and have really been trying to do conservative looks because of my environment and being around people who like to wear makeup, but really don't.. so i've been working on that end of the spectrum and how to deal with that kind of customer. this is soooo inspiring and i love you for sharing it. awesome work! good luck on the contest. i wish i had enough confidence to try out =p

mina said...

You really recreated this look well! Good luck with the contest!

Nic Nic said...

this is an impressive imitation i must had! the lashes are great! hehe. Good luck!

Amina said...

OMG! you did it!! soo pretty!!!
I loove the third picture. You look so badass!! LOOVE IT

slvrlips said...

Great Look!!! You did an excellent job. Good Luck with the contest!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Great look!*Sending good vibes for a win!*

Mac It Pink said...

wow u did a great job recreating the look!! :)

SPECiAL x GiRL said...

you did such a good job on this look. it looks exactly like the model's!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Pure Genius Ren! -LOVE IT

PBW said...

Wow! Fantastic job, even better than the photo.

jeSmakeup said...

you did a great job! looks exactly like the cover!! niceEeee... you should do the same look but wit another color =-)

Gee said...

WOW!! It looks just like the picture. Great job!!

Vanessa said...

Lovely look sis you hit it on point! I think you did a way better job! haha, sorry i've been MIA from your blog, these fires have been crazy! I miss you!

Askmewhats said...

awww sis! that look, you replicated sooo well!!! IT was like you were the one who did the original look! i'm so happy for you!!!

Scandalous Beauty said...

You killed it girl!! Looks outstanding!!! Good luck!! Billy just created a follow up video about the contest!

Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.net said...

i love it sis! looks soooo fun and you did a very good job. i hope you won :)

May Nguyen said...

not bad!!! i know want to try it too lol butI dont have those lashes!

mayaari said...

great take on recreating that look - those lashes are craaaaazy!