Thursday, October 16, 2008

Product Spotlight: MAC Face and Body Mixing Medium

Hi Bellas,

It's Thursday and another MAC collection release...not one but two! Red She Said and Sheer Minerals are coming out today. I've been really trying to stick to my budget, so I've budgeted $70 for the two collections. I really want the 3 MSFs because they make such great highlighters for my kit. I use MSF in light flush and Warmed all the time. Hopefully I can exert some self-restraint and only buy a few items. I'm going during lunch, wish me luck!

In the meanwhile, I thought I’d start doing posts on items I have in my kit that are essentials. That way, I can shed some light on some great permanent products out there. Oftentimes, I, like many, fall into the trap of only picking up Limited Edition items (darn you MAC) and miss out on some great staples. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper to review a product I currently have as opposed to buying something new!

Presenting MAC Face and Body Mixing Medium!

This is what MAC has to say about it.
Formula to dilute and mix with M·A·C powder or liquid makeup. Used to create effects from sheer to opaque. Perfect to decorate the face or body. Mix with pigments and powders to create a number of custom shades and colours. It offers sheer, even coverage and long-wearing attributes. Create custom body lotions or use to thin down heavier foundations such as M•A•C Full Coverage Foundation. Use alone to give the skin a satin glow.

50ml bottle/1.7 fl oz.

MAC Face and Body Mixing Medium is an essential to my kit. I use it as a foundation thinner to my Cinema Secrets foundation. I usually use my steel palette knife to scoop out 1/2 teaspoon of the cream foundation, and mix it with a nickel sized dollop of face and body mixing medium and this is usually enough to cover an entire face! The Mixing Medium helps to turn the cream foundation into liquid. This is often essential because I like to make foundation as minimal as possible...if you don't need it don't put too much on! The benefits are that it is also budge proof and non-oily. That makeup ain’t going anywhere with this stuff! Some foundation thinners I’ve used in the past are oil based and that doesn’t work on everyone. The same goes with using moisturizers to thin out foundation. I was watching a video of the IMATS and they used this to mix with pigment to body paint as well. I’ve had this product for several months and I’ve only used about ¼ of the jar.

The only cons? It’s a pro product…you’ll have to get it from a pro store, or call The Pro Number 1-800-866-6464 if you don’t have access to the pro site. Other than that, love love love!

Till next time, ciao bellas!


xppinkx said...

hey babes

superrrrrrrrrrrr BOOOOOOOOOO
i was super excited until i read it's only for MAC pros =(

sounds like a damn good product to have around!

Tina Marie Online said...

AWWW it's too bad it's a PRO product. Only way of me getting this is if I drive like 2 or 3 hours to LA and buy it myself. But no way!! Thanks for sharing though I'll definitely keep this in mind :D

Mrs. Lynne, said...

you definitely had me convinced from our email convo! now just to get my booty to SF to pick some up.

btw, i don't think you answered my email response back yet, but what concealer palette do you run to if i did get the RMCA?

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there- a great review on what sounds a great product!!

Joyce said...

Hiya sis! I posted my haul & take on the red she said collection =]

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the review, i've always wondered about this product!

May Nguyen said...

ure so lucky u pay in US funds. When Im in NY and I use my my pro card its cheaper!

In Toronto PRO stores are open to the public. So I dunno how the states work.

lelaelena said...

no joke, as much of a MAC fan I am, I seriously never even heard of this stuff.

...urr now I want it, broke girl broke girl

Kimberly said...

Go to YouTube & do a search for homemade mixing medium, there are some good videos there. It's basically just Glycerin & bottled water.

nico said...

I'm wondering if this has glycerin in it (I'm allergic).