Friday, October 17, 2008

MAC Haul: Sheer Minerals and Red She Said

Hi Bellas,
So I went to MAC on Thursday during lunch to check out the new collections. I tried to spent $70 but actually spent $113. Close but dang, still went over! I didn't realize there was a 4th MSF that I didn't have...dang you gold deposit msf! I also picked up some MAC wipes because I was dangerously low. Fortunately, I did Back 2 MAC to get 2 of the lippies.

I recorded a haul video last night where I was wearing the dangerzone e/s and some of the lippies but I've been having some major internet problems at my house for the last 3 days. So sad to say, I couldn't get the video up last night despite several tries!

Due to my internet problems at home, I'll be posting swatches courtesy of

Here's What I Got:

All the MSFs! I just freaking love these things. They give you that glowly skin look like no other. I use them a lot on my clients. The thing with these products are that they only come around once in a when they're around I grab them. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! The only swatch missing from this pic is Gold Deposit which was the deepest bronze msf.

So Ceylon: When I wear this it's like my skin tone but better. It gives more of an all over if I'm glowing from the inside. I'm wearing it right now!

Petticoat: This is like light flush MSF except the veining is a berry tone instead of gold...this makes a great highlighter. I like how it has a bit of pink in it so not only does it highlight but it gives a pretty flush finish as well. So pretty!

Soft and Gentle: Talk about the most perfect subtle highlighter ever. This one was the lightest higlighter of them all. If you have darker skin, I would recommend going light with this so it doesn't appear stark white on the skin. I brushed mine onto my cheekbones lightly with a slanted kabuki brush. The color reminds me of a mix of champagne and cream.

Gold Deposit: When I swatched this I gasped over how pretty it looks like pure gold on. I bet this would look amazing as a highlight/shimmer on darker skin tones or a bronzer on others.

Blushes: Enough Said didn't show up on me at all. Stark Naked was actually really beautiful but I was already over my budget so I passed. However, the blushes were so velvety and soft. I think I might have to go back for Stark Naked!


I got two lipsticks - Pomposity and Crazee. The other colors looked dupeable to me, so these are the two that really stood out. The reason I also got them is because they look freaking amazing with the two dazzleglasses I bought.

Pomposity: This is like a light purplish/fuscia. It's a really fun pretty color.
Crazee: This is a bright orangey coral color...really pretty! Who says you can't wear bright colors into the fall?

Dazzlegass: I already had Baby Sparks and Sugarrimmed so I decided to pick up only two more. Miss Dynamite looks amazing over Crazee lipstick! I mean it truly is Crazee! The gold flecks picks up the orange sheen and looks like heaven. Love Alert and I were meant to's a hot pink glitter infusion of color that looks crazy amazing over Pomposity. Last night I wore my Pomposity/Love Alert combo with Soft Plum lipliner all night!
Mineralized Eyeshadow: Lastly, I picked up Dangerzone MES. I saw Pursebuzz rock it and it just looked amazing on her. The three colors are perfect for a rock star look. I also needed another red because I broke my Mi'Lady mineralized e/s :( However, when I swatched the red from my Mi'Lady duo with this one, I noticed that this is a deeper more vibrant red. The Mi'Lady red is a bit lighter with more of a white sheen. I'm glad I picked this one up because it's hard to find a good red eyeshadow out there. The other combos looked nice too, but after I got all my MES's from the Sonic Chic collection and haven't used them since...I didn't want to buy a bunch of pretty products just to have them sit in my drawer.

While at MAC I also pre-ordered two eyeshadow palettes and the brush set. I'm thinking of not getting the brush set anymore though because I'm feeling broke as a joke :( What's a girl to do?
What are you guys picking up from these collections?


Product Junkie Diva said...

ooooh Ren Danger zone is hot! Love those colors.

Gee said...

Seriously want the new MSFs, Petticoat looks SUPER pretty!

Amina said...

i picked up red she said and so ceylon...
after reading your review, i want gold deposit and crazee

sooji said...

hi renren (for some reason saying it twice sounds more natural for me, maybe it's the name of your blog?). i'd like to say how much of an inspiration you've been (i've been a lurker on both your blog and youtube - hahaha which probably makes me borderline stalker, but i'm harmless i promise!) i love how you made an aspiration/dream into a reality and i cannot emphasize how AWESOME that is!! :D

i am also from atlanta.. hopefully one day i can run into you :D hahaha

btw can you b2m, did you say you had to have the eyeshadow pans now??

MakeupByRenRen said...

pjd: i loveee dangerzone...i'll have my video up soon so you can see me wearing it

gee: the msfs are to die for!

amina: gold deposit and crazee would look great on u!

sooji: hey fellow atlien! thanks so much :) girl i've B2M twice at my store my depotted eyeshadows without the pan and been fine...i go to the MAC store at perimeter

Ethereal Prey said...

zomg MORE msf?! gasp! *cries* as i can't buy any. well maybe one...i do like the glowlyness of it all.

ooolipstick said...

great haul! i want the Soft and Gentle MSF!! i am looking for the best highlighter and i am just going to take ur words for it

Mrs. Lynne, said...

so pretty! i would definitely love to build up a collection of MSFs! i only have the regular natural one.

oh and thanks sis for your input on the concealer palette! i've actually been up and down the net *panting* and am too wanting the ben nye dermacolor... yes, what's a girl to do? *ponder*

Tina Marie Online said...

Thanks for the great tip. I knew I should've asked you from the beginning since you're so used to doing weddings & shoots & all that good stuff. Great swatches.. I'm diggin all the lippies!

PBW said...

I bought Pomposity this afternoon!

Vanessa said...

nice haul sis! I think I gotta go back to pick up an MSF!

Katie-Kat said...

after seeing your swatch of petticoat i bought it and love it!

Jenny said...

omg congrats on winning the billy b contest :] you deserved it!!

Tammy said...

I picked up the So Ceylon and a couple of Dazzleglasses...Petticoat swatched too light (frosty?) for me.

Naomi:) said...

I picked up soft and gentle, threesome and stark naked. Dangerzone is pretty hot, but I find the silver stripe a bit too messy and chunky for my liking. So, the name matches. Danger! LOL!