My top 5 beauty crimes...

So I was tagged by Mandi to mention my top 5 beauty crimes. Of course, this should act as a reminder to myself to work on these…especially since some of them were on my new year’s resolution list.

1)Don’t sleep with makeup on…I need to stop being lazy too when I wipe off my makeup with a mac wipe and call it a day. I really should follow up with proper cleansing with my cleansing brush and soap…then moisturizer and eye cream. What's even worse is sometimes I'll do a half-a&$ job at taking off my mascara with the wipe and i'll try to "be good" by putting on my ardell lash and brow accelerator. But we all know that putting this accelerator over a lash with mascara still on it is pretty much defeating the purpose.

2)I need to slow down on my makeup purchases…especially for my “makeup kit” when I haven’t had my first real client yet! Right now i've been filling up my online shopping carts for an extra set of brushes so I can have my own...i've been majorly lemming the pink coastal scents brushes!

3)I have the kind of contacts where you can sleep in them and last a month…but you’re supposed to take them out once a week to clean them and sometimes I forget…or usually just clean them when I feel like they’re irritating me…this is really bad…I know I night my boyfriend goes to take off his contacts and put them in the little solution and i just look at him with a guilty face...

4)I need to keep up with my manis and pedis...before last year I was really good about pedicures and I grimaced at girls who would let their toe nail polish crack and be all chippy-do…but then I went on this whole strict budget thing and I considered it a luxury. The last time I’ve had a pedicure was two days before new years…a special occasion. I still have on the same polish, except there’s only the top half remaining since the rest chipped off…ewwww….

5) I need to get in the habit of proper sanitation with my makeup…a lot of my personal products are going to be going in my makeup kit…for example, all my MAC eyeshadow palettes…I have to make a concentrated effort to get into the groove of using spatulas, wiping off eyeshadows, spraying things down on alcohol when I do my friend’s makeup. That way I’m more prepared for when I do actual paying clients…

So these are my crimes…I’m working on them! Sorry if everyone and there mama has been taggeda already-but in case you haven't here's who I’m tagging:
1)Sheila – Starlet Kisses
3)Miss Jacklyn Rose