M.A.C brushes!

Hi Bellas,

So I got a couple of viewer requests to do a brush video. So I finally made one! This one has been on my list for a while...as well as a collection video which I've yet to make. Sorry if I sound a lil dry in the video...I think I was really tired when I filmed. I'm also a blabber by nature...so I had to edit this video big time to get it under 11 minutes (the required time limit for you tube).


I've also been working on different makeup wedding looks. As mentioned, I'm doing my friend's makeup for her wedding along with her sister and mother. I'm trying to go for natural pretty looks so i've been playing with different ideas. By their requests, I'm doing pretty plum and peachy looks. I'll probably do a plum look on the mom because it's more of a mature color...I've done a bunch of research on mature skin and I've learned a few things. 1)stick with matte colors 2)avoid too much shimmer 3)pick foundation that reflects the light off the face 4) make sure to moisturize beforehand because mature skin tends to be dryer.

I'm also working on the sister's makeup...she also has some obstacles to work with. For one, she is allergic to benzoyl peroxide as well as talc, and 2) she has psoriasis and eczema on her face. Yikes! The funny thing is that she can wear mary kay and avon without much problems...so I think my professional grade makeup should be okay on her. I'm going to go for a more peachy, shimmery look.

As far as the bride...I made an appointment for her tomorrow at MAC...a bride consultation. We're going to pick out her absolute correct foundation and some colors she likes...most likely come up with a look for her. Then on Saturday...we're going to do a run-through so I can recreate the look and time myself.

After all these plans I feel a lot more confident in doing the wedding makeup...preparation preparation preparation! I'm also going to practice on my roomy since she is similar skin coloring to the bride's family...and I can only practice on myself so much because my eye shape is very different from theirs that I have to branch out.

That's it for now, stay tuned for more!