New from Make Up For Ever: Paint your Lips with Acrylip

Hi Bellas,

Make Up For Ever has done it again, another super awesome release.  This one is all about lips.  If you love bold, bright color you need to check this out!

Make Up Forever released the new Acrylip collection based on the idea of "Painting Your Lips".  The amazing paint can packaging immediately grabbed my attention.  I will definitely be using this as room decor.  I love the idea that these 10 new lip colors are based on intensity and pigment of acrylic paints.

There are 10 shades which are all bold and beautiful on their own but you can come up with endless possibilities by mixing two or more shades together.

Each applicator has a unique almost furry doe foot applicator. For soft color and shine, apply 1 drop of artist acrylip to the center of the bottom lip and use the cushion applicator to blend outward.  For 

For bold color, line and fill lips with teh corresponding shade of MUFE Aqua Lip Liner, then apply 3-4 drops directly to the center of the bottom lip and blend outward using cushion applicator

Make Up Forever also hooked me up with this gorgeous tin of their Aqua Lip pencils which perfectly match the Acrylip colors.  

They also have a clear liner, the Lip Line Perfector, you can use to line outside your lips to prevent feathering, and even use it as a lip primer to make the color last all day.

I love how soft yet pigmented these pencils are and better yet, they're waterproof.

I already started playing with the endless possibility of different lip combos.  I find that at first you get a glossy appearance but then they dry matte over time.  They definitely have big color impact.

 You can find these products at or Sephora.