Head Shots: Multiple Looks

Hi Bellas,

I've been doing a lot of photoshoots to build up my portfolio.  I've been working with actresses lately to do headshot makeup.  It's definitely different from the glam looks you might seen on Instagram, but clean makeup never goes out of style especially in film.  Check it out!

I did some very subtle changes of makeup.  Usually it involves changing a lip color and adding a little more on the eyes or cheeks.

The first look is a typical headshot makeup - the makeup is soft and pretty.  I went for a deeper pink lip to add some color to the look.  I also added white to her waterline to make the eyes really bright.

For the second look, we bronzed her up a bit.  The actress is actually a Latina but never gets hired for this role type.  I went for a little bit more smokiness on her eyes, more bronzer and a brown nude lip and I think she looks a little more Latin in this shot.

The last makeup is for a power look.  She had this awesome red blazer.  I paired it with a gorgeous red lip, Pnk Digger's Buckhead Betty...my current favorite red.  I overdrew the top lip just a bit to give fullness to the lips.

Hope you all enjoyed these looks!  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!