FOTD: Thanksgiving Makeup Look Recap

Hi Bellas,

Have you ever altered your makeup knowing the kind of group that you're going to be around?  Well I know I definitely do and I think it's appropriate to match your makeup to the occasion.  This occasion was Thanksgiving.  I wanted to do a little something but still keep it family appropriate.  Check it out!

I Really wanted to wear some of my new Ofra Liquid Lipsticks from their Vintage Vineyard collection.  My look centered around this gorgeous lip Tuscany...a cool, deep mauve toned lipstick with a bit of berry in it.  I love that it's a deeper lip, so it's perfect for Fall without being too heavy.  Use coupon code makeupbyrenren for 30% off at

Since the lips were the focus of this look, I wanted to keep the rest of the look pretty fresh.  This started with my skin.  I went for very light foundation, using just a bit of corrector and concealer around my eyes and then a pressed mineral foundation all over.

I needed a little bit of eye definition but I tried to keep the color low in order to keep it pretty natural.  I have my go to pair of "natural" false lashes, which are style #10 from Lashes in a Box.

I remember the first Thanksgiving I spent with my Husband's family, my sister-in-law told me, I wish I could see more of your fresh face.  Well!  I knew that I was probably wearing a little too much dramatic makeup for their liking.  It's funny though, that more natural looks are still the same amount of makeup but just different product and color choice and application.

Hope you all enjoyed my Thanksgiving look.  More Holiday looks to come!