Black Friday Haulage: House of Lashes

Hi Bellas,

I tried not to go to crazy over Black Friday sales, but one thing I always but when there is a discount is lashes!  I need to keep my selection stocked at all times, lol.  House of Lashes was having a 25% off discount and I took advantage of it.  Check out my picks!

I was really interested in picking up their new minis styles.  I love their original Iconic lash but find it a little too dramatic at times.  The mini lash style is made for smaller eye shapes like mine.  I love the criss cross fullness of this lash and the longer edges make the eyes look bigger.

I also picked up 4 of the boudoir style lashes.  I like how it has a longer length in the center to give you the doll like style.

I also purchased two of their lash adhesives.  I tried it a while ago and remember really liking it.  I've been in dire need of some new lash glue so I picked up two!


Lastly, they threw in a freebie.  These individual lashes are actually larger clusters.  I'm going to try these on some of my clients and see how I like them.

You can find these products at

Stay tuned of pics with me rocking these lashes soon!