Want Brighter skin? Check out L'Oreal RevitaLift Bright Reveal Skincare Review

Hi Bellas,

So you all know that i'm obsessed with my skincare routine.  I always say, good skin always translates to good makeup and it's worth investing in a good routine early on.  I just about finished using the new L'Oréal Revitalift Bright Reveal Skincare line.  The line is all about glycolic acid, one of my fav skincare ingredients, and I'm here to share with you my thoughts on their new release.

Onto my review!

Revitalift Dual Overnight Moisturizer $19.99
This moisturizer contains 4% Glycolic acid to exfoliate dull skin and infuse brightness.  You're supposed to see anti-wrinkle brightening in one week.  This moisturizer has two sides - the pump has two openings for two formulas that you mix together.  I don't love these kind of products because I ended up running out of one side.  I don't find this product as rich as some of my other night time moisturizers.  I'd say if you have very dry skin it wouldn't do the job, but it'd be a better match for someone with oily skin.  I do notice that overall my skin does appear brighter.

Revitalift Brightening Day Moisturizer $19.99
This moisturizer visibly brighten skin, evens tone, and reduces wrinkles.  I actually really liked this moisturizer.  It definitely had a brightening quality and I love the fact that it has SPF30 in it.  I went through the bottle pretty quickly.  I would repurchase.

Revitalift Brightening Daily Scrub Cleanser $6.99
This product contains small exfoliating beads.  The instructions state that it works as a daily scrub cleanser but I only used it to exfoliate periodically throughout the week.  I don't want to irritate my sensitive skin, and I like a cleanser that really suds up.  However, my husband has taking control of this product as his own and it works great for deep cleaning prior to shaving.

Revitalift Brightening Peel Pads $19.99
The brigtening peel pads peel away dull, uneven tone, reveal brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles.  These pads were a special treat for me.  I don't typically use them in my skincare routine.  You use the disposable pads almost like a peel to reveal new skin underneath.  You're supposed to use a pad every day for 30 days to reveal newer skin, with less fine lines.  It's got a good percentage of glycolic acid, 10%, and that's the trick to taking away the top layer.  Unfortunately I don't think I used them regularly enough to really see a difference.  But if you're willing to put in this extra step, I say go for it!  This would especially good for those who want to even out their skin complexion and texture.