Innovative Product Alert: Pur Cosmetics Browder

Hi Bellas,

This review is way overdue.  However, I want to mention a product that I think is just so unique that it's worth mentioning.  Today I'll give you my thoughts, pics and swatches of the Pur Cosmetics Browder.  If you're into innovative brow products, check this out!

This review is a long time in the making.  Sorry for the delay, but better late than never!  I received this product to test months and months ago and it was so unique that I knew I had to post about it.  Pur Cosmetics Browder is an innovative brow product - almost a mix between eyeliner and pigment.

I tested three shades Blonde, Medium Brown and Brunette and found that the middle shade suited me the best.  

What makes the product different is the felt, long cone like applicator.  Then in the bottle itself, is a loose brow powder.  It applies like a dry eyeliner.  

Here are some swatches.  As you can see, the shades are pretty cool toned.  That is often a good thing because it will offer a natural shadowing to the brow.  However, I find that it's missing a deeper warm reddish brown shade for women of color and a charcoal for those with super dark hair.

Check out my defined brow after using the powder.  You can also outline your brow first with a pencil if you want a precise outline and then use this to fill it in.  However, I found that I was able to use the Browder Just by itself.

I found Browder to be surprisingly easy to use and effective.  It's definitely a trendy type of item but it actually works.  If you're a brow junkie like me, it's definitely worth playing with.  This product retails for $22 at