Behind the scenes of a photoshoot: 3 Makeup Looks/1 Model

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you a few quick shots that I took after a photoshoot a few weeks ago.  I love grabbing makeup looks on camera to make sure that everything looks good before it goes before the photographer.  Check out my makeup transformations!

Check out my model.  I had an easy canvas.  Her skin was super clear and soft and she had nice full brows to work with.

For the first look she had a very dramatic, floor length bright dress.  I went with a cat eye liner and bright orange lip to compliment the look.  I kept the brows full to keep it editorial.  I try to keep the makeup understated and not the typical multi-step routines you might find on glam instagram tutorials.  Sometimes less is more.

For the second look she rocked a very fitted, sexy black dress.  I went with a bold smokey eye and nude lip combo.  All I did was wiped off the orange lip color with a makeup remover wipe and then lined with a brown pencil and  filled in with a nude lipstick - try to avoid glossy shades on the lips as it doesn't photograph well.  Then I added more eyeliner to the original eye and blended it in with black eyeshadow.

For the last look, we had a more boho feel.  I removed the smokey eye with a makeup wipe and instead left a smokey, smudged liner.  Then I warmed up with lips with a coral lipstick to give a fresh vibe to the look.  I paired it with a complimentary orange blush.

Hope you enjoyed my look breakdown - I hope to feature the professional shots soon!