Face Mask Review: Borghese Fango Active Duo

Hi Bellas,

Who doesn't love a little skin pick me up?  I do!  I feel like the quickest way to get that is with a good face mask.  I've been sitting on an amazing little mask for several months now and finally had a chance to test it out.  Check it out!

The Borghese Fango Active Duo is a skincare pair - you get a Mud based Face Mask which can be used for the face or body as well as a Facial Oil to help add good moisture back after your mud detox. 

This is how the Company describes it:

Detoxify with the Fango Active Mud for Face and Mody.  It's a mineral-rich mud that hydrates and firms, reducing fine lines and providing smooth and toned skin.

Hydrate with the new Fango Active Radiance Facial Oil
A blend of botanical oils that transform skin's texture, soothes dull, dry skin.  Helps nourish and restore lipid loss due to aging and environmental damage.

I love a face mask that has the old school green mud tint to it.  It makes me feel like those teenage girls I used to see getting ready in all those fun 90s sitcoms.  As you can this mask is packaged in a very nice mason jar - tres chic and totally countertop ready.

I evenly spread on the mask and it didn't take long to feel it drying out and detoxifying.  After about 10-15 minutes I washed off the mask with a face cloth and warm water.  Immediately my skin felt soft and brightened.  I then applied a few drops of the facial oil.  It's nice to have a moisture product to put on right after the mask.  My skin feels nice and clean and soft, but since it's detoxed I need to make sure and put moisture back.  I love the lightweight feel of this oil.  It sinks right in.  I do find though that I need to top with my regular moisturizer to give my dry skin enough nourishment.

All in all, this face mask is really nice.  I do have a little patch of dry skin/eczema, something weird going on by my right eye and I did find that this irritated it a bit, so make sure to avoid applying this to any skin irritations.  All in all thought it was a very nice mask that did the job.  You can check it out at www.borghese.com