Stila Pro Haul!

Hi Bellas,

Time for another haul!  A few weeks ago I purchased some Stila goodies during an amazing 60% off pro sale.  Check it out!

I was trying really hard to only get the items that I really wanted.  I even did some research on the web to get reviews of some of the new products to help me decided.

I definitely knew I wanted more of the Magnificent Metals.  I have two of them already and wanted more fun shades.  This product is pretty pricey at $32 each so I was glad to get it on sale.
I picked up Metallic Peach, Comex Gold, and Metallic Jade.  I will say interestingly enough, the textures of each pot varied.  Some were more dry than others so you really have to work with them and the liquid mixing medium that comes with it.  They're a little tricky to worth with but the effect is gorgeous.  I have a tutorial featuring Metallic Jade coming soon.
I also wanted to pick up some lipgloss sets, the deal was too good!  $15 plus 60% off!   I haven't used Stila glosses in a while but I do remember that they're pretty good - pigmented, smells yummy, and I love the clicking applicator because it makes it sanitary for my kit and easy to dispense.
I like this collection - they are more metallic with a pink, rose and copper.  I think this would look gorgeous for nude lips on women of color.
This set has some classic nudes and a bright pink - the kind of gloss you throw over any lip color to give some shine and a bit more color to a nude lip.

Hope you guys enjoyed my quick haul!  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!