Halloween Makeup: Elsa from Disney's Frozen

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with my first Halloween Tutorial of 2014!  I wanted to do something fun and girly.  Recently I finally caught Disney's Frozen playing on Cable.  Of course I fell in love with the film, and surprisingly Elsa's makeup!  Check it out!

Check out the video!

A lot of times, many Disney princess characters don't really have obvious makeup in the movies - it's all big eyes and lashes lol.  Elsa, on the otherhand, definitely has a purple cut crease going on!  I threw in a little glitter for fun - Halloween is the perfect time to use those glitters collecting dust in your collection.  I also made sure to add gigantic drag lashes, lol, loves it.
For the skin, I did pale out my foundation a bit.  The key to making it look realistic is to use a paler cream foundation and then top it with a darker powder foundation - the powder brings a more realistic tone back to the skin.  I used my Graftobian Glamour Cream Foundation in Bombshell as the base and then my Graftobian Pro Powder Cool Palette to set and contour.  For the blush, I used a bright pink from my Graftobian Cool Blush Palette.
On my lips, I went with a bright pink.  First I lined with City Color Cosmetics Sangri...I underdrew then just a little bit to mimic the character.  Then I added a bright pink lipstick from my Graftobian super lip palette.
I hope you guys enjoyed!  I always use a ton of Graftobian products for my Halloween tutorials...they have all the beauty and FX products to create these looks.  You can find these products at www.graftobian.com