Easy/Last Minute Halloween Makeup: Sexy Jane Doe - Deer Makeup

Hi Bellas,

I saved the easiest Halloween tutorial for last.  This is the kind of look that you could throw together last minute.  I was totally inspired by pictures of sexy "deer" on pinterest and I was inspired to do my take on it.  Check it out!

Check it out!

You can definitely use makeup that you have in your collection - bronzers, highlighters, neutral shades of eyeshadow to create this look.  Start off with a white base for the eyes and center of your face.  Then create a smokey eye with winged liner on the top and bottom - I used my Inglot #77 Gel Liner because it's super black and it stays!  It won't smudge when you're blending colors on top.

 Really work on contouring your face, especially the nose.  The warm tones really create the "fur" colors on a deer.  I also put a few white spots to add to the animal like feel.  Finish off with a soft nude lip, I used a pink and nude mixed from my Graftobian Super Lip Cream Palette.
To accessorize and complete the outfit, you can throw on a flower headband, put your hair in two buns on the sides of your head to mimic ears, a nude or brown dress and you're good to go!