Beauty Blender Dupe Review: Essence of Beauty Precision Sponge

Hi Bellas,

 Time for another review!  I've had this Beauty Blender Dupe for months and months, and I just got around to reviewing it.  It's got a very precise shape and available at your local drugstore.  Check it out to see if this dupe is worth it!

I picked up this Essence of Beauty Precision Blender Sponge from CVS for $4.99.  The shape really interested me - the top is super pointy and precise.

Here is the sponge dry.  It's a little bit stiff and small when dry.
I ran the sponge under the sink for about a minute and the sponge did expand, but not as much as I hoped.
I used the large round end to dot on foundation - it did the job, but definitely not as well as my Beauty Blenders and Graftobian Glamour Grip Sponge.  I found it still a little stiff and hard to pounce on my skin.  I used the pointy tip under my eye thinking it would be great for concealer, but honestly it's too thin and flimsy at the end to really do anything precise - I kind of want to just cut off the point.

Overall, the sponge is okay but I wouldn't recommend it.  You can find a cheaper Beauty Blender dupe from Qosmedix for $1.95 and it's much better quality.

Hope this helps!  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!