Depotting Project - Highlighters into a Domed Z Palette

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friady!  I'm back with another depotting post!  I am such a sucker for putting things in palettes - it makes me feel so organized.  I love being able to see product in a palette because I can see it more.
I've been meaning to get my highlighter situation for my kit in order.  I have a lot of mineralized shimmer powders but no room for them in my kit.  I knew that I needed to depot them for a zpalette.

I recently bought 3 highlighters from The Balm, they are amazing.  They're not domed but I still put them in the domed palette so I can put them together with all my highlighters.  The MAC MSFs need to be in this domed palette because they are mineralized and have a raised shape.  I was about to fit 6 full sized pans and also a mini Lorac Tantalizer.  Depotting it was a mini nightmare but i'm glad I was able to fit it in the palette.
You can find this product at

Till next time Ciao Bellas!