Halloween Makeup: Bald & Bearded - Walter White from Breaking Bad

Hey Guys,

So I think this might just be my favorite Halloween Makeup Tutorial this year.  If you’re a fan of the hit show Breaking Bad like me, I bet you’re sad that the series just ended this month.  The show became a huge hit in the last two years so I have a feeling a lot of the fans will be paying homage to the lead character Walt.  As a huge fan of the show, I will be transforming myself into a bald, middle-aged Caucasian Drug Lord.  Check it out!
Check out the video!

This time around, I went for the complete costume.  This version of Walter White was during his meth making days in the lab.  I purchased everything off of Amazon including a yellow haz mat suit, eyeglasses, safety goggles and respirator, fake beard and of course blue rock candy to symbolize the blue meth.

Here are some links to the items I purchased to get the complete look:

The makeup is all from Graftobian.  The look focuses around a bald cap along with age lines and a fake beard.  
I trimmed the beard and used the excess hair to make a mustache.  In hind site, I would have connected the beard to the goatee, ah well!  The accessories really make the look.  I love that the goggles and hood can hide any lines in the bald cap.  This look was definitely my favorite tutorial of them all and I wanted to give you guys time to order the items in case you wanted to rock it for Halloween.

Hope you all enjoyed!  I’ve still got two more tutorials to go!

FTC Disclosure:  Some of the makeup was generously sponsored by Graftobian to help me bust out some Halloween Makeup tutorials this year.  However, I am not being paid to make this post and not affiliated with the company.