Introduction to Alcone at Home: Amazing Pro Eye Shadows

Hi Bellas,

Happy Tuesday!  Today is the beginning of a new series where I'm introducing you to a new project entitled Alcone at Home.  As an Alcone Blogger, I get to share some of my must-have products and Alcone's best sellers which have been streamlined into palette form and a simple easy to access web store for my viewers. Today it's all about eyeshadows and wow these are amazing.  Both MUAs and Makeup Junkies will appreciate the intense pigment and the easy palette style storage.  I've got tons of swatches of the shadows and all the pretty palettes that they come in.  Check it out!

Alcone took one of its best selling pro lines Il Maquillage and branded their eyeshadows into their Alcone at Home concept.  This means pro quality shadows converted into pan form that fit into the Alcone At Home palettes.  They pair well with the RCMA foundations, Dermacolor concealers, blushes and lipsticks that are also in pan form that I'll mention in upcoming posts.  

Currently, there are 18 Eyeshadows to choose from.  They are numbered 1-18.  We expect more to come! There is a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from and also many different purchase options.  

You can go all in, and get the entire set - 18 Eyeshadow Palette with Large Palette of Your Color Choice - Chevron, Crocodile, White with Logo for $124.

Or, you can pick out individual eyeshadows at $12 each.
They also provide an option to purchase some classic shade options in the 9 Must-Have Palette for $64 (palette is $14 and shades are $5.56 each)
More colorful options in the 9-Shade Playful Eyeshadow Palette for $64
Everything Palettes come in 8 super cute designs including Houndstooth, Green Medallion, Chevron, Crocodile, Green Medallion, Sisal and Glossy White.  They all have a glossy finish so they're easy to wipe clean.

You can put the square palettes in these two tiered organizers, super cute!
The Large Palettes are available in Crocodile, White, and Chevron.  These are great for MUAs because they hold a lot!  Or you can make it your personal all in one palette to hold your face, eye and lip shades.
If you decide to get all the entire set of eyeshadows, you end up saving $52.  With the palettes at $20 a piece, the shadows end up being $5.78 each, not bad!
Onto the swatches!  
There are a mix of neutrals and brights.  The finish ranges from matte, to satin, to metallic and high shimmer.  Some of them apply on the sheer side and some are super intense.  I'd say there's something for everybody.  MUAs want the highly pigmented shades to maneuver them into washes to color impact looks.  However, some of us just want an everyday wash that's easy to apply and blend.  Here is a breakdown of the shades:

1) This is an eggshell shade with a yellow undertone.  It has a slight sheen to it and is very pigmented, creamy to the touch, and easy to apply and blend.  This is great for a browbone and tearduct highlight.

2) I'd describe this as a metallic finish peach with gold undertones.  It's also very packed with pigment.  It's got a good amount of shimmer to it...nice for the summer but watch out if you have mature skin with fine lines.  You'll want to stick more to satin finishes.

3) This is a true yellow gold.  It's got a metallic shimmer finish and highly pigmented.  It's got just as much shine as shade #2.

4) This is a mid-tone pink with fine gold shimmer.  It's not as pigmented as shade 2 but has the same shimmer effect in a more sheer finish.  Although it's sheer, it's not bad quality - i'd say it's more for everyday or subtle looks.

5) This is a matte, dusty rose shade.  It doesn't necessarily stand out at first glance but can be very useful for blending in the crease and is a great shade for fair skin tones to help contour the eye.  It's a great everyday color.

6) This rosey violet shade has a metallic finish.  It surprised me with how much I liked's super vibrant, even more than the other metallics on this line (2, 3 and 4).

7) This is a matte, light brown neutral shade that reminds me of MAC's Cork eyeshadow.  It's a great neutral color that you can pop in your crease or outer v to contour or even for filling the brows.

8) This is a matte, dark brown.  It's the kind of shade everyone needs in their collection.  Use it for contouring the eye and smudging out liner for daytime looks.  I really like this one and if you're a sucker for must-have neutrals, this is it.

9) This is a matte, off black.  Not super dark, but I can see it being helpful for smoking out an eye without too much color.  Good for beginners to learn to practice smokey eyes without overdoing it. 

10) I was surprised to see this lime green shade in the bunch but those who like color will appreciate it.  It has tiny bits of green shimmer in the pan but applies rather matte.  It has a decent pigmentation but requires packing on for more intense color.

11) This olive green shade also has a bit of dark green shimmer but goes on as a sheer, satin finish.  When applied, it's more of a light wash of dark green. The swatch is after a few layers of eyeshadow.

12) Holy Moly this ocean blue shadow with subtle blue shimmer is so pigmented!  It's more of a matte but does have tiny shimmer particles.  I love the vibrancy of it.

13) This is another highly pigmented shade.  It's an inky blue shade that again appears matte but has fine blue shimmer in it.  This shadow is rather soft so be careful because mine has cracked a bit.

14) This shade is a medium impact nude shimmer.  It's very subtle and makes a great nude lid color because it still has some shine to dress it up.

15) This deep eggplant shade is one of my favorites.  It's a great matte for contouring the eye and adding color to a look.  It's on the darker end of the purple spectrum.

16) I love this reddish brown shade.  I'm a fan of warm browns and this matte is also great to have in your collection for adding to the outer v and above the crease.

17) Another must-have, this pale cream nude is great for an allover wash of base color and for highlighting the tear duct and brow bone.  It's got a smooth finish depositing medium impact which is good so you don't go overboard when highlighting.

18) Wow, another pigmented shade!  This metallic silver is super vibrant but also very soft so beware when handling.  What a great color to pair with a smokey eye.

If you don't want to buy the entire set, I've identified my favorite top 9 shadows out of the bunch because of the shade, pigmentation and ease of application.

 These are the palettes I store the shadow in - on the left is the Everything Palette in Green Medallion which is great for travel, and on the right in the large Crocodile palette where I hold all 18 shadows.

Overall I was really impressed with these shadows.  There are definitely some stars in the group that knocked my socks off.  The mattes are all really great - both packed with color, creamy finish and easy to blend, which is hard to find.  Some of the shades are more pigmented than others but some of the sheer shades are also great for everyday looks, or maybe teen or mature makeup.  Even better, they come in pan form so you can easily pop them in the magnetic palettes for your makeup artist kit.  When makeup is in palettes I also think you just tend to use them more and these palettes are definitely vanity worthy and great for travel.

You can find the eyeshadows and palettes on my Alcone at Home site at  Stay tuned because I have some FOTDs and tutorials featuring these.  Let me know if you have any tutorial requests in the comments below.

Meanwhile, check out my partner in Crime Casey of as she also gives her take on the Alcone at Home Shadows here.  We're a part of the original blogger team on this Alcone at Home project and you'll be seeing a lot of her on my blog.  If you are interested in joining our team, showcasing your favorite products like you always do on social media but purchasing them at wholesale pricing and making a profit by hosting your own alcone webstore, send me an email at .