Bestie's Engagement Shoot - Kelly Rowland Inspired Pinks and Purples

Hi Bellas,

Happy Thursday.  Today I wanted to share some pictures of makeup I did for my best friend's engagement shoot.  It's become a tradition for me to do the engagement makeup for my besties that get married.  Today I'm going to show you a pretty purple and pink look we did for her outdoor shoot.  Take a look!
Here's a shot of the makeup in the studio.  We were inspired by Kelly Rowland's Makeup.  My bestie has been trained to find makeup inspiration pictures that actually show makeup lol.  Oftentimes I have client showing pictures of models who have a no makeup look on which is hard to replicate because it's the model's natural features that make the makeup look great.
I went with the pink and purple theme and made some minor adjustments.  I made sure to contour the eyes with a darker purple to give some definition.  My bestie actually has a slightly hooded eyeshape and a defined crease helps to lift the eye.
These pictures are actually not even edited.  I just adjusted the brightness subtly.  We were really happy about how it came out and I can't wait to do her makeup for her big day.  For the first part of the shoot, we wanted to go for an Essence Magazine feel.  Shout to the BF for the amazing shots. You can check him out at 
Alex has never been able to rock such a pigmented pink lip before.  To accomplish it, I added a light pink pencil as a base first, then followed with lipstick and a darker purple liner to contour.
When we moved the shoot from the Studio to outdoors, I lightened up the makeup a bit to give it more of a fresh look.  It was an easy fix, I popped on a lighter pink gloss to tone down the lips and popped on a baby pink blush.
Hope you all enjoyed!  I'll have another post featuring the red lip dramatic look we changed into for the second part of the shoot coming next week.  Stay tuned!