How to: 5 Different Red Lips using Lip Liners

Hi Bellas,

In today's post I'm going to show you how you can rock the same red lipstick in five different ways.  All you have to do is use a different lip pencil. It's amazing how you can totally transform a color just by lining it with a contrasting pencil.

In this demonstration I use the same red lipstick and 5 different pencils to show you how you can completely change the look.  The red lippy of choice is MAC's Ruby Woo - a classic matte, red lipstick.

I picked some lip pencil shades that would go well with red - browns, plums, and bricks.
Here's the lipstick with MAC Redd lip pencil which matches pretty well.  Simple and clean, a bit boring though.  I prefer to rock my reds with a little dimension.
Here it is with a brick liner from Urban Decay called gash.  The brownish red liner gives a bit more of a ruddy look.  
Here it is with MAC's Mahogany...adds more of an organey brown touch.
Here I used a bit more brown with MAC's Chesnut...a staple for many women of color.  It deepens the lip significantly.
NYX's cocoa lipliner is a medium toned brown that compliments a lot of lip colors.  With red, it gives a clean look.
Lastly, here is my favorite combo - Ruby Wood with MAC's Vino lip pencil.  My bestie actually wore this combo to her wedding.  The purply liner gives a vampy feel.
Here's a full face shot.
The moral of the story is that you can completely change any lip stick with the use of a lip pencil.  Therefore, don't throw away a color that you might not love at first site - try adjusting it with a pencil, and the same goes for changing a color with the help of a gloss.  I love also just packing lip pencils when I travel to get more colors while saving space.  Hope this helps, Ciao Bellas!

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