December 2012 Favorites

Hi Bellas,

Happy New Year once again!  I actually spent my day off with family and food poisoning lol.  But today I have my last favorites of 2012.  With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I only have a few items so I hope you enjoy!

Check out the video!

Remington Clipless Curling Iron - I love the size of this barrel - fat at the base and skinny at the top.  I spent $30 on it from Rite-Aid and it works like my expensive curling wands.  I like the wider barrel because it gives nice, big curls.  Another plus is that the power button has to be held down before it turns on/off so you don't accidentally turn off your curler in the middle of curling.

Jordana Lip Pencils  
These are another drugstore steal.  At about $3 a pop, it's worth getting a couple of them.  The colors are great, they apply easily, and they're so affordable!  I definitely recommend Tawny (pretty warm mauve) and Cabernet (wine color - great to pair with dark lippies) just to name a few.

Wet N Wild Trio in Walking on Egg Shells 
This trio is absolutely gorgeous and super affordable.  It has all of my favorites shimmery bronzey colors and it's super duper pigmented and smooth to the touch.  Pair it with some mattes for balance and you're good to go.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner
I'm a die-hard liquid liner user and this one doesn't disappoint.  This UK brand is now available at sephora and I love it because it's so easy to use, and the color is always super dark and doesn't fade and apply sheerly.

MAC Lightful Softening Lotion
I'm not quite sure how they market this product because i've been to two MAC Pro classes - one mentioned it as moisturizer, another as a type of toner.  I use it as the later.  After I wash my face, I apply this solution to a cotton pad and use it to moisturize, remove remaining dirts, and also to tone and correct at the same time.  Good stuff!

SpinBrush Electric Toothbrush
Kinda random favorite, but I love this thing!  It's totally changed my dental hygeine routine for the better lol.  Trust me, it's worth the $10 I spent at CVS to pick it up - my teeth feel super clean and even look whiter from using it.
CoverFX Cream Foundation 
CoverFX products are like old friends of mine, they always work and I can count on them for a high quality application.  They recently changed their packaging and shade naming.  I'm currently using G70 in their cream foundation and it's love.  It's a bit tanner that my currently winter palor, but it looks better with my dark hair.  You get medium to full coverage but it still looks like good skin.  I recommend using it with a dense, flat top buffer blush to get great coverage. 
Model 21 Style No. 6 Lashes
I found this box of lashes I purchased on eBay years ago. I decided to try them out again and was pleasantly 
surprised.  They are lightweight and give me a wispy look that looks great on my hooded lids.  Plus, at about $1 a box on eBay, you can't beat that.  

Not So Favorites 
ELF Wipes - These are a good deal at $3, but they leave an oily residue.  I prefer face wipes that make my skin feel clean.  There are plenty of other cheap alternatives to choose from...I don't recommend these.

I hope you guys enjoyed my last favorites video of 2012.  Let me know if you'd like me to do a 2012 Favorites of the year video.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  All products purchased by me with the exception of Eyeko and Cover FX which were sent for review.  I am not affiliated with these companies and not paid to make this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.