EuroTrip Vlog Part 1 - Berlin!

Hi Bellas,

It's a new year and one of my goals is definitely to do more vlogs!  I definitely have more time now that i'm done with school.  I think it's a great way to show my personality outside of the makeup vids.  Today i'm playing catch up with a vlog I filmed in Berlin last year during my European vacay.  Hope you enjoy!

Check out the video!

Here are some pics from Berlin that the BF took that I especially loved!  He literally took over 4,000 I only picked some of my favorites lol.

We started off the trip with some German travel guides and some Euros.
We stayed in a central area called Alexanderplatz which was right in the middle of everything...I definitely recommend staying here.  It was recommended to us by friends who are living in Berlin.  In the background you can see the TV tower which gives a view of the city. favorite food in Berlin was this chain called Donner Kebap where they served Turkish fare like these lamb wraps.  Absolutely a must-have to try if you're there.  Apparently outside of Turkey the largest Turkish population resides in Berlin and they brought their food with them!
Look!  Proof I was in Berlin lol.
Remember these stacking dolls.  They sold all sorts of trinkets at the local market that was close to our hotel.
In the same area they also had food and entertainers.
These cute life-sized bears were all over the city, sort of like their mascot.

Every new place we visit we try to find a hookah spot - this one called Marrakesch was pretty good.  Here's a shot of me in the corner eating some ice cream and rocking a smokey eye lol.
Traditional German food - this is called CurryWurst, yum!
Here's a shot inside the Pergamon museum - it had a lot of great Greek architecture.
Gorgeous church shot
More food - Berlin tapas!

It was a fabulous trip.  I definitely recommend that you visit.  There's so much history and art.  I was totally in awe.  Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of this European Vacay Vlog Series where I take you with me to Amsterdam, London and Paris!

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