Makeup Kit Must-Have: Angled Brushes

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I'm back with another post and this one is all about angled brushes - whether you use it for your brows, lips or liner, they come in very handy.  Qosmedix sent me a bunch of affordable options to try out after I wasn't satisfied with a brow brush they sent me in the last bunch.  Check them out!
I received a variety of "brow brushes" to try out.  I love using angled brushes to fill in brows with eyeshadow or brow powder because it gives me perfect hair like strokes.  But in actuality, these are just angled brushes which can be used for a variety of things.  I use these not only for brows but for the following:
  • Applying eyeliner - gel, liquid or powder (you'll get the perfect cat-eye, winged shape with a brush)
  • Filling in facial hair on men (similar to filling in brows)
  • Applying lip product - use with lipstick for a super clean application (great for red or dark lip colors).  
  • Applying concealer around the brows or lips to highlight and touch up (this is a trip makeup artists use to clean up mistakes and give the illusion of perfect lips and brows)

As you can see these bad boys come in handy!  All of the brushes from Qosmedix are super affordable and sold in bulk. I find that I have multiple in my kit since I use a couple per client.  These are some key things to look for in a brow brush from stiffness, thickness, size, etc.   Here are my thoughts on the brushes I received.

Wow, $8.00 for 25 brushes. Good deal huh?  This is a basic angled brush with medium density.  I find that it's stiff enough to use on both brows and liner without being too flimsy or rough.
This short handled brush is great for touch up.  The shorter handles are also good for control especially if you're doing makeup on yourself.  The bristles are a little softer on this one which means you won't get quite as much color deposit.
This is probably my favorite brow brush of the bunch.  It's got the stiffest bristles so that I can draw on the little hair like strokes.  I like the all-silver look to it as well.
This brush had super soft bristles, almost fluffy actually.  At first that would be a turn off, however I found that if you have good brows already and need a sheer layer of filling in, this is great.  It's softer bristles allow for more sheer application. The brush head is still small enough to give you precise placement as well.
I love how this brush is super tiny.  It gives you really precise eye liner application.
This is an average brow brush - good enough to do the job, pretty run of the mill.  
This brush has a larger head, great for bigger eyes and quick brow fill-in.
All the pencils next to each-other.
Close up of the heads - as you can see, there are a variety to choose from to suit your needs.
Overall these are pretty good brushes for your kit.  I do wish that they had one really exceptional brow brush in the bunch - one that had more of a stiffer, hard texture like my favorite Billy B brow brush, but you really can't go wrong for the price. I will definitely use these brushes in my kit.

You can find these products at  Have you all purchased from them before?  If you're a makeup artist, definitely check it can find some necessary tools at wholesale prices.

FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts in opinions.

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