MAC Lady Gaga Shadows? I don't Think So - Beware of Fake MAC

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I just had to do this post - it's something that's happened to a lot of us.  Duped by counterfeit makeup. My co-worker was super excited when she called to tell me she had picked up some really inexpensive MAC items from a guy selling it at her hair salon.  She got some eye shadows for $5 a piece!  The first thing I said was, "Are you sure it's real MAC?".  This post shows you some counterfeit MAC, how to tell if it's real or not, and the warning signs.

If you see someone selling MAC on the streets - chances are it's either not real, or "hot" and not really that legal.  If you're familiar with the brand like I can pretty much spot a fake from a mile away.
As soon as I saw these Lady Gaga "MAC" shadows...I told my co-worker that I knew they weren't real because Lady Gaga doesn't have a line of shadows at MAC lol.  She has the Viva Glam lipstick...and it seems that's where they picked up on the packaging with her signature.
She also had a pencil with a MAC logo on it...but it looked like a random super long drugstore pencil with a top that has a built in sharpener.  You can tell it's not real because all MAC pencils have a signature black look to them with a simple black cap.

She also had a studio fix powder...the product had two shade names on the back!  NC50 and NW43...and the color was a strange orange shade.  If you're questioning a product's can always check the back sticker label for any discrepancies.
Now to the Fake MAC.  The packaging is actually pretty nice looking.  The Lady Gaga signature looks the same as from her Viva Glam Campaign.  
But have you ever seen eyeshadow casing like this from MAC?  I haven't...the clear container is definitely new and the eye shadows themselves are huge!  You usually don't see that size unless it's a special Metal-X or Mineralized shadow.
The packaging looks kinda cool but it's actually pretty flimsy.  The pans rattle around in the casing.
You can see the colors up close...I couldn't resist a little swipe with my finger.  The pretty shimmer color is actually just a top coat.  Underneath is the real color.
Peachy pink shade
Shimmery gold shade
Blue Based purpley shade
Swatches - not too bad looking at first but the product doesn't last very long.  It fades away after blending.

Bottom line:  This isn't MAC and you should be very wary if you see someone selling it off the streets.  Thank goodness my co-worker didn't pay more than $5 per shadow.  You don't know where this has been and it's really not fair to the MAC brand.  In past I've also been duped before when I purchased "MAC Brushes" on ebay and found the brushes to shed and break.

The product itself is okay but for MAC I can definitely see the sub-par quality.  If you want the real thing make sure to get it from a reputable source.

Have you ever been duped by counterfeit makeup products?  Let me know in the comments below!

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