Another CVS Drugstore Makeup Haul!

Hi Bellas,

I couldn't help it...I went back to CVS recently for yet another haul.  I needed to pick up one or two items and it turned into a basketful lol.  The good thing is that by the time I get my haul pictures up, I've usually had some time to use the items.  Stay tuned for my quick drugstore haul and review!

Check out my haul!  No video this time, just pictures.

I needed more's a must-have for me year round.  In particular, I was hunting for the mini tubes so that the BF could carry something in his pocket.  I saw the CVS version and thought i'd save a few bucks.  Big mistake!  It's a poor substitute - it's thinner, not as moisturizing and doesn't last as long.  I'll use it but i'm sticking with the original next time.
I actually picked up this hair color for my extensions.  The dark brown matches my base coat so even if I mix up my highlights i'll be able to re-use the same clip-in extensions.  I picked up this chocolate brown by Revlon because it was pretty inexpensive, lol.
I've never tried the Kiss version of nail polish stickers.  I love this lace design though.  I'll probably save it for a special event :)
Now you know I had to pick some of these Maybelline Color Tattoos up...everyone is talking about them!  They only had 3 colors left at my local CVS - I picked up the gold and teal ones.  Have yet to use them but plan to in a future tutorial.  They swatch beautifully though.

My Revlon Lip Butter collection is nearly complete - I have almost all of the shades, eek!  I picked up two new ones - two pale pinks, one on the cool side and another on the warm side.  Love these things!
You might have noticed from my January Favorites how much I love the Nuance Cheek trios.  Well, I went back for the other two!  These are absolutely gorgeous on...the color pairings are impeccable and especially flattering on women of color.

That's all folks!  Have you tried any of these products?  Any drugstore recommendations?  Let me know in the comments below!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored.  All products purchased by me.